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Open Misfire Log!

WHO: Hiro + anyone with a comm!
WHERE: Your comm, courtesy of data-jumping and the server misfire event
WHEN: October 3rd
WHAT: Hiro tries to jump back into his own comm and misses. Badly. Repeatedly. Shenanigans ensue.
WARNINGS: Probably none!

[ The good thing about being able to data-jump is that it makes the commute into De Chima ridiculously easy. Set up two beacons - one in his comm, the other at his work terminal - and just follow that path back and forth. He doesn't even have to think and he's there.

Unfortunately, those beacons are just as dependent on the server update as the rest of the network ... and when the misfires start happening, Hiro's beacons get mixed up too. What should be a big bright arrow pointing to his comm is just complete garbage ... meaning he's going to end up in a whole lot of comms that he shouldn't be before he finally makes his way home.

For those getting the misfire, there's a only a quick ping, like receiving a message, before a very confused teenager's face appears on the viewscreen. He does, at least, keep from going through any data, but that means he has to look out at the surroundings to try and figure out where he is. Which means staring up at whoever's comm he's in now. ]

Seriously? Not again.
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[Hey Hiro. I heard you like robots? 'Cause wherever this comm is, you're looking up at a disembodied robot face. Qubit's in the room, too, but he's got his back turned to look at something else, and ignores the ping at first. It's when the comm starts spitting out a voice on its own, without him accepting the call, that he hastily turns and grabs it (in the process getting that Modeusbot offscreen thank you very much don't look at that).]

What in- Hiro?

[Good grief. This is why Qubit sticks to Mirrornet, the devices themselves are ridiculously insecure. How'd he force a video call? Or ... no, that's not even what he did, is it? There's no background, for one, and something just feels off with the comm. Like the hardware's running a lot harder than it should all of a sudden. 2 + 2 = ...]

What on Earth are you doing? [He thinks he knows, but.]
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Nothing you need to concern yourself with. [NONE OF YOUR BEESWAX, KID.] Now, what are you doing here? You're physically inside my comm system right now, correct?
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[Qubit sighs, relaxing a little. He didn't really mean to snap at him, he's just... high-strung and paranoid. And he's had a few misdirected texts himself, so he does know about the network issue, even though there's nothing he can do to fix it without access to the servers.]

Don't worry about it. Not the worst system you could have jumped into. [That honor goes to the robot head. Or Qubit's head. Hard to say which of those would be worse, actually.] How'd you get in? Is that your power?
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Ah. [He'll have to keep that sort of thing in mind for his next security upgrade. Like, not against Hiro specifically, but against a hypothetical intruder who happened to be just like him.]

Can you get out? I imagine you wouldn't be doing this if you couldn't.
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Hm. [He puts a hand to his chin, thinking.] But if you keep jumping around, you're going to wear yourself out even more. I can 'port you back, but only physically. You, or a device you're in.
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[You're already in a strange guy's comm device, that's not that much different :p He cracks a smile, though, getting up from where he was sitting.]

All right, then. Where's home?
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[Hm. A cafe's a public place, but if he's that wiped out, the house might be better overall... he'll go with the house. He props the comm up on the desk so he can enter the coordinates into his watch.

That last comment gets Hiro a bit of a sharp look again.]
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I said it's nothing for you to concern yourself with. Just a project I was working on back home.

[Technically not untrue, depending on the timeframe you look at. And no, he did not give the head wi-fi. The AI's designed to be smarter than him, but if it wants to plot against him he's not about to make it easy.

Anyway, hey! Here's a shiny blue portal opening up in the middle of the room! Qubit picks the comm back up and walks through, looking ahead of him instead of at Hiro.]

I'd appreciate if you didn't mention it.

[And then the shimmering blue light is behind them, and ahead of them is the front door to Hiro's place of residence. He raises his hand to knock, but then stops, as it occurs to him he has no idea whether anyone will actually be inside.]

Do you have roommates?
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[Hiro trust me you REALLY don't want to go inside the Modeus heads. They may be imitations, but seeing the genuine article has been known to drive people to suicide. It ain't pretty in there :')

Anyway yeah he just nods and knocks on the door.]
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[Cass is home, which means it's pretty late at night because she'll only be home after the café's been closed and cleaned. She's pretty tired after a whole day or working, so she's fighting back a yawn when she opens the door. Who could be here so late?]

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[Oh nothin' just some dude with weird hair. (He's closed the portal by the time she gets there, anyway, so that's gone.) Anyway, he smiles and holds up the comm to her.]

Hello, ma'am. You'd be Aunt Cass, I take it? I believe I've found something of yours.
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[Oh. Oh. She blinks once, twice, then narrows her eyes tiredly as she nods.]

That would be my nephew, thank you. Did you get stuck in all the mess with messages going haywire...?
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[safsdkljkl excuse u hiro. as an aside-] Well, "someone of yours" sounds at least just as bad, now doesn't it?
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[She lets out a slow breath in order to hold back a sigh -- she's tired! -- before smiling.] Sorry, no, thank you for bringing him home. I'm ready for you to hop out whenever you are, Hiro.

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