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Recovery is a form of being grounded, right? [Open Log]

WHO: Tetsuo and YOU
WHERE: Nonah 05/Nonah's Ark
WHEN: Post bike crash through october
WHAT: Karma caught up to him and he's stuck in Nonah 05 for a month. Waiting for your body to heal the rest of the way naturally SUCKS. Boredom, resentment and pain don't make a great combination, but he's down for the count.
WARNINGS: Tetsuo. Copious amounts of Tetsuo. Drugs, threats, all that fun stuff.

[Prompts available on request; for the most part:

Sept 29-Oct 18
Largely stuck on his bed being a wet cat. At some point he'll start meandering out into the living room for TV if no one's out there, but he's not really going far or doing much. Expect a lot of network or texting abuse, possible threats of violence, and probably hurting himself in the attempt to follow up on said threats.

For the curious, he's got a broken collarbone/some ribs; nothing life-threatening but definitely extremely annoying, not to mention painful. While this may take longer normally to heal, he's had some healing done, so we can just assume it'll be pretty much good to go by the end of the month. He might be getting a limiter forced on him at some point during the month.

Oct 18-on

As he starts feeling better, his goal's to be out and around Nonah as much as he can manage (not that much, but you bet he can try). He's supposed to be on bedrest for the month? Well, that's not exactly what he intends to do - just try and make him.

That said, he's not going to be up to doing anything strenuous, which is good for all of us. If you can't find him in Nonah 05, he'll be in the arcade or nearby areas. What are good judgement calls?

Action, audio, video, text, it's all good (update: oct 3 evening until oct 9 Tetsuo's comm is not working)]
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October 5

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[Qubit's alone when he arrives outside Tetsuo's door. He did come in with Kaneda, who's probably still around somewhere, but they both figured he'd get a better response on his own. Though he tried to get some more information beforehand, he's still going into this mostly blind - his only direct experience with Tetsuo so far was a single encounter in which the kid may have been high out of his gourd. He isn't even sure he'll remember him. And while he still would prefer to avoid provoking him, nobody likes to be told that they're doing something wrong. Approach for now: cautious but firm. Not picking a fight, but not backing down.

He knocks on the door and waits.]
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["What, after I came all the way here?" Mm, no, something less flippant.]

Tetsuo? It's Qubit.
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[Qubit watches his reaction closely. As he half-expected, there's little or no recognition there. He waits a couple seconds to see if anything sets in, but when it doesn't, he clarifies.]

The one who made that resonator you're wearing. [He points in its general direction.]
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[Well maybe if you hadn't been on every drug...

He's not going to rat out Kaneda for bringing him here, no sense sowing even more discord between the two of them. And acting cagey about it would pretty much be giving him the same answer. So: non-answer + subject change.]

It doesn't have a tracking device, if that's what you're worried about. Truth be told, it took some effort to find you. [Not a lie. He got lucky stumbling onto Kaneda's post.] How've you been? It sounds like you had quite the adventure last month.
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[He did hear about the motorcycle accident. Really, Tetsuo's lucky to have come out of it as well as he did. He's seen motorcycle crashes before; severed limbs and splattered brains aren't at all uncommon.]

[calmly:] I'm not asking you to.

[He's not the one who needs it, after all. He holds off on explaining why he is here, though, just for a moment. He wants to see if Tetsuo can figure it out.]
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[He does, but it's not something tangible, and he knows he'll need to work up to it first. For now he's still testing the waters.]

I want to talk. Can we talk?
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[Qubit takes a step into the room, gesturing vaguely to the device again.] Well, as long as we're on the subject - how's it been working for you? Still effective?
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ok im a dumbass it's actually October 6

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Good. No side effects? Did you still have to supplement it with anything?

[I mean he assumes Tetsuo's on painkillers now, the resonator can't do anything with regard to injuries. But the question here, chiefly, is "did you continue doing the drugs."]
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[So that's a yes. He sighs through his nose. Anything is a strong word. Should he be reading two meanings from that?]

That may be fixable. The design I used is on the generic side. If you're willing to cooperate, I could put together something better tuned to you specifically. One that would work even better.

[There's the carrot. But he's not dangling it quite within reach, not yet.]

... But first, I need you to answer something for me.

[He enters properly now, taking a nearby chair is there a chair? there's probably a chair and pulling it up beside the bed. This he takes a seat in, resting his elbows on his knees, tenting his fingers together. A simple gesture, but one that turns this from a talk into a Talk.]

Why did you do it?
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All of it. You spent most of September terrorizing the eastern seaboard, Tetsuo, surely you remember some of that.

[He tries to keep his tone neutral and non-accusatory - the facts aren't up for debate - but there's definitely some disapproval in there, as you might expect.]
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Because you could.

[Why yes, as a matter of fact, he does. He has several problems with that. His expression goes more stern, and he sits up enough to take his tablet out of an inside coat pocket. Looks like he will be needing those news articles he pulled up earlier. Without preface, he starts reading off some choice snippets, scrolling down with his finger.]

"One missing, fifteen injured after imPort rampage." "Three hospitalized in pharmacy robbery." "As many as eight survivors may still be buried under the collapsed building, officials said..."

[He's looking for one in particular, though, and finds it fairly quickly.] Ah. "Officer Richard Hernandez remains in critical condition after his vehicle was thrown from a highway overpass last Thursday by a still-unidentified rogue imPort. Mrs. Hernandez and their two children, ages three and one, appeared on local news this morning to offer a passionate plea for answers..."

[At this point he looks up at Tetsuo again. If he had glasses, this would be the part where he'd lower them and frown over the rims.]

Should I go on? There's plenty more.
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[He shakes his head patiently.] No, no, no. That's not the question here. The question is, what are you going to do?

I want to help you, Tetsuo. But I won't help you hurt people. And you've hurt a lot of people.
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[Not exactly an expert deflection there. He volleys it right back.]

Really. And when's "later"?

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