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Fly me to the Moon

WHO: Hermann, Newton, Mako & probably Qubit
WHERE: Upstate New York
WHEN: September 27th, evening
WHAT: Nerd outing for Supermoon Eclipse
WARNINGS: Swearing?

Hermann broke in his shiny new driver's license with a rental car for the occasion. He'd planned well for it- reserved the car and purchased a small telescope and good pair of binoculars well ahead of time, had enough money set aside for gas, and familiarized himself with the weather conditions for the Eastern US coast that weekend. Forecasted heavy rains, and clouds were rolling in, but there would be good viewing in the more northern states for awhile yet. He had a location picked out and everything.

The only thing he hadn't anticipated were the hangovers. But by mid-afternoon with some nursing, Hermann was more or less fully functional. Newton wasn't there quite yet, but that was why he wasn't going to be the one driving them up. Not to mention Hermann simply missed driving, even if it was a hover car.

They collected Mako, and the drive from Maurtia Falls, Pennsylvania to Hudson Falls, New York took roughly four hours. The sun was setting by the time they made it to the site, parked a little bit off-road and lugging their equipment and supplies into a nice, flat field just outside the town proper.

Hermann occupied himself with the equipment, making last minute adjustments, steadying the tripods, and casting frequent glances up at the sky itself. His slow growing excitement acted as a temporary ward for the cold.

"...Once in every twenty to thirty years. Spectacular phenomenon. Incredibly fortunate to have the chance to witness it a second time. Missed the first of course. Dreadful timing.."
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Not that he'd admit it, and god he hoped Hermann couldn't read the thought, but it was pretty endearing how dedicated to this Hermann was. It had been on the chalkboard walls for AGES, well-planned (as was always the case with anything Hermann did) and now it was finally playing out. And okay, maybe he retroactively regretted the amount of alcohol consumed and lack of sleep after the short jaunt for Oktoberfest, because it was making this a slightly less wonderful start--but Oktoberfest with Qubit had been fun and they needed that break. Or Newt did. Hermann, ever the introvert and space nerd, probably needed THIS. No, he definitely needed this.

Newt's hangover headache was mostly subsided by the time they pulled in and parked at their destination, though he only snoozed about half the drive up and spent the other half trying to have conversations with Hermann and Mako and trying to fight Hermann for control of the car radio. Now that they were here, however, he helped carry the telescope and the bags of snacks, leaving the blanket and binoculars to Hermann and Mako.

"Yeah, weren't there like...three that year (this year)? I remember people flipping their shit over Biblical prophecies and Nostradamus. And then Karloff hit like three weeks after one of them." Uh. Yeah, and there was Newt with his big mouth again. Do NOT let your mind or mouth wander and ruin this for them, Geiszler. "--Oops. Nerd At Work. Gonna be quiet now, I swear."

He flopped down on the thick blanket and closed his eyes. Hermann's excitement (which had been a steady pulse of warmth since the start of the trip) was comfier than his new fleece-lined hoodie as he nestled down, drawing the strings tight around his face.

"We've lost him, Mako," he said conspiratorially to her, with a fond little laugh that tried desperately to be insulting. "His head's up in space now. We might have to leave him here."
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The trip hadn't been so bad, and she was enjoying herself immensely.

"He'll have to come back at some point." Mako responded with a serious tone, though she knew it was a joke and had a smile on her face as well. "It's even colder in space."

She had been too young to remember the first time she lived through 2015 and she may not have even been allowed to stay up and tried to watch. It was unusual to live through a year again, but she was almost grateful for the chance.

This 2015 boded better for them.
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He had been quietly mumbling/humming out the chorus of a familiar tune: "...Völlig losgelöst von der Erde...."

"Yeah, but he'll probably bring his parka. You know him." Newt loved how she could be so serious to what was so obviously a joke. She had always had that kind of sense of humor, quiet, reserved, polite but bright and respectful in her rebellion. It was puzzling to Newt and probably why she got along better with Hermann anyway, but he liked that about her.

Hermann was babbling about his space stuff and Newt listened partially, more hearing his voice than his words. Such a nerd. Such a huge space dork. Penumbra gibberish. All he heard was space space space and muttered a "Careful!" when Hermann nearly tripped, sitting up halfway before forgoing the effort when Hermann, well, didn't trip.

He was trying not to be impressed by the show of Hermann's powers, but he might have just let out a little gasp and nudged Mako to look also, because hey, a guy was allowed to be a teeny tiny bit impressed by his dumb Best Friend, okay? And besides, like Qubit's portals, that shit would never get old.

"A half hour??" he whined. "You drove us all the way up here to wait for a half hour and there's not even a pre-show or a opening act or previews for coming attractions?" Patience was never a virtue Newt had and space was a lot of sit-around and wait. If it had been anyone else but Hermann, he really wouldn't have, but despite his protests, Newt had chosen to come along. "I should have known." His tone sounded like he had been betrayed.
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Mako paid more attention than Newt to Hermann's speech, but she had to admit she was nearly as disappointed as Newton to hear there was still time to wait. She had been hoping for something immediately, as immature as that was.

Still, she moves to pull a thermos and three cups from her backpack.

"Have some tea, Doctors. We might as well enjoy our time out here."
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Newt accepted the cup of tea too with a "Thanks!" and fished around for some sugar packets he was sure he'd stashed somewhere in the bags of snacks just in case he'd wanted to add more to his coffee on the drive up. Once his tea was sufficiently sweetened, he sipped at it appreciatively.

He gave a very exaggerated snore to the lecture. She said to enjoy the wait, Herms, not for you to bore us to death. Okay, to be fair, he did in fact actually listen to this because, if nothing else, he wanted to know so that when he argued later, he was arguing informed. Besides, this was real, legit science. Maybe nothing he could touch (aside from cute grade-school solar system models or something) and experiment with, but it wasn't theoretical and that made it so much more interesting. But mainly he listened because he was pretty sure that weird warm feeling in his chest was 100% a Hermann Loves Space feeling and whatever. Newt could be a selfish prick sometimes, but he could, on occasion, indulge Hermann and be a nice guy.

He raised a hand and did not wait for Professor Gottlieb to call on him. "Super! So, we have a blood moon, a supermoon, a full and a new one, but what's a blue moon? And when do we get to see one of those? Also, while we're at it, did this time-line land on the moon and if so, who did it: us or the Soviets, and when, or was it all just a hoax this time?" Such a cheeky and unscientific inquiry. He grinned and nudged Mako. Mako was definitely teacher's pet, so someone had to be the class clown.
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so much

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Mako can't help but pay attention. It had always been ingrained in her to listen and learn from those who knew better than she, and she knew that Dr. Gottlieb was an amazing mathematician who loved space. This was his field of expertise.

Still, when Newt spoke up with his questions she had to hide her smile in her own cup of tea, knowing from experience that this will spark quite the discussion between the two of them.
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"It should interest me? You have a lot of high expectations for my interest, dude." How many more things could they tack onto this one moon, geez? Harvest, Blood, Super, Full...shit, Newt was sure he was forgetting one, but god that was a lot unto itself. But, huh, okay. So an extra one? That was what a blue moon was. Kind of made the song less meaningful, but oh well.

Three hours, though. Hermann was holding them hostage for this moon for three more hours, plus the time for it to fade, because no, they sure as hell weren't going to be able to drag him home from this prematurely.

" don't know who landed on the moon? THAT has to piss you off," which actually meant it wasn't something they should discuss because this wasn't supposed to be a bickering outing, it was supposed to be a stare at the sky and contemplate outing. Oh, but Newt was a little shit anyway and even his efforts to change the subject were cheeky. "But anyway, what are your thoughts on Pluto?"
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Mako finished her first cup of tea and set her cup aside, instead laying back on the blanket to enjoy the stars that they can see. She never really had the chance to stargaze back home.

There were other things to do, more important things.

"The view here is beautiful." Perhaps her change of subject will go over more smoothly.
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On the tail end of Hermann's statement, without warning, a bright blue portal lit up the moonlit field, and who should walk through but the same guy who's always walking out of portals. He had with him a cloth grocery bag, light but not empty. The invitation had come on short notice, but a few minutes had been enough to stop at the store and grab something before he dropped in.

"Bickering again? Has it been twenty seconds already?" From his tone and his smile, of course, it was pretty clear he was joking.
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His objection was ready (as was the 'the view would be even more beautiful if Hermann wasn't sitting in the goddamn WAY') on the tip of his tongue, when the portal interrupted him. Newt raised a hand to shield his eyes from the sudden glow (the hangover was mostly gone, honest) and then glared at their, invited guest. Rude. He and Hermann had a better average than twenty seconds. It had to be up to thirty by now, at least!

"Make yourself useful and save us. Hermann's getting SUPER nerdy about space."
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"Dr. Geiszler is over-exaggerating, Mr. Qubit." Mako spoke up in defense of the poor space nerd with a smile. Honestly, it wasn't very boring. She was enjoying herself.

"Welcome to the viewing."

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The portal closed behind him as suddenly as it had opened. If anybody's eyes had adjusted to the light, too bad, it was dark again.

"Don't worry, Newt, I'm sure one day you'll drag us all to an aquarium or something and be just as bad. Thanks for the invite, by the way," Qubit said. "Didn't have time to actually make anything, but..."

He dug into the bag and pulled out a box of store-bought meringue cookies. Where was the tea at? Over here by Mako? He came over and set them down nearby. "I'm surprised you're here, Mako - can I call you Mako?" he added. "Pleasantly surprised, though, of course."
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i'm sorry mako. i'm sorry qb. feel free to smack him

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Geez, the way everyone was explaining Newt's behavior, it was like they thought Qubit didn't know what he was getting into when it came to dealing with Newt! He was pretty sure by now Qubit knew just what level of patience Newt didn't have and just how well he expressed that. No surprises there.

"At least you don't have to wait HOURS for the fish to show up," he grumbled, stealing some meringue cookies before they were officially offered up for the group. It was implied, ok.

He looked at Hermann with an awkward frown/smile, then at Qubit and Mako, and then scooted over, relocating himself to the edge of the blanket closest to Hermann as if seeking some sort of solidarity or something.

"Okay, so. Ah. If you're going to flirt with Mako, I'm just going to be over here," he declared obnoxiously as he moved over. "Hey, Hermann--can I call you Hermann--how about that moon."
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oh my god Newt (I laughed)

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Mako immediately clears her throat after Newt's speech, shaking her head and pouring another cup of tea for Qubit.

"Please excuse Dr. Gieszler, Mr. Qubit. As you know, he gets impatient and says ridiculous things when he's excited." And he'll pay for it later. Perhaps.

"You can call me Mako if you'd like. I'm used to all forms of address."
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Yeah, Newt earned a pointed glare from Qubit, too. As well as a less-than-gentle thwap across the back of the head. "Don't be a dolt. I know politeness isn't your first language, but honestly." At least Mako herself didn't seem to have interpreted it as flirting. Not that she wasn't attractive - she was - but even if he were interested in that sort of thing, she had to be ten years his junior at least. It'd be like hitting on Kaidan, for heaven's sake.

He accepted the tea with a quick "Thank you," but only got a sip or two into it before Hermann alerted them to the main event and he had to set it down. That's right, he was meant to round up some binoculars. Well, that's what the other thing in the bag was for. It wasn't much, he'd pretty much just swept a few handfuls of leftover parts off his desk. But these he let his power go to work on, and within a few seconds (of the usual lightshow) he'd reshaped them into a set of electronic binoculars. "That's all right, brought my own," he said.