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WHO: Qubit, Superman, later Mighty Max
WHERE: Maurtia Falls, near Kittler & Sons Salvage
WHEN: Sept 18, early evening
WHAT: It was only a matter of time.
WARNINGS: 'Narm flashbacks

Three days had passed now since the first tests - and absolute failure - of Qubit's extended-range teleportal. He was nearly done restoring the damaged hardware, but no closer to an answer on why it didn't work in the first place. He'd spent a month pouring all the energy he had into that thing, and for what? All he'd managed to build was a ton and a half of useless garbage. To call it humiliating was a grave understatement. Qubit was mortified. God, he must have looked like a complete idiot. He certainly felt like one.

Whether he could fix it... no, that wasn't the issue. He had to, for everyone's sake. For the people he'd met here, and the few friends he still had back home. He'd make this work even if it killed him. He had to. He had to.

But he was losing momentum. The portal's failure wasn't just a minor setback, no matter how hard he tried to play it off as one. It was as if he'd run full-speed into a solid wall, and rather than back off like a sensible human being, he was dazedly coming around for another pass. Not because he was any more likely to succeed the second time round, but because right now he genuinely didn't know what else to do.

This wasn't just a month-long jaunt into an alternate universe. He was actually stuck here. But he had to keep moving, keep trying. Something in him was starting to crack, he could feel it, and if he stopped moving then something was going to fall apart in there. And then what? He didn't know. Nothing he could afford, that much was certain.

It was a warm late-summer evening. He was back in Maurtia Falls, at his favorite junkyard. Over the last month he'd become something of a fixture around here, and both Kittler and the sons had been gradually warming up to their imPort patron - at the very least, enough that if an emergency happened while he was there, they knew they could come to him. Qubit had only just heard the indistinct yelling in the distance when one of them approached him about it. In the past there'd been a gang of youths who'd been known to loiter around the junkyard, though they'd been making themselves scarcer during business hours now that there was an imPort around to run them off the property. Apparently, though, this gang was an actual gang, and now they were having some kind of altercation by the highway overpass the junkyard backed up to. The police-? Well uh, I don't know if you know the cops around here, Mr. Q., but between you and me by the time they show up somebody's gonna be dead.

So, a few seconds later, the argument under the bridge was cut short as a bright blue teleportal phased open nearby. Qubit's voice came through it a second or two before the rest of him. "Excuse me, I'm not interrupting anything important, am I?" ("Holy shit!" "What is that?!" came a few startled responses.) "Care to explain all this noise? You're bothering the neighbors."
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Kal didn't like getting in the middle of “civilian” affairs as Superman. He didn't like it back home, he liked it even less in here. For starters it set up an example and he didn't want them to rely on him, to start shooting around because they knew Superman would be there to stop the bullets. That might have not been much of a concern in this place when he wasn't as well known, but he had to be careful with what he did back home.

Then there was the fact that he had to trust them to deal with their own problems. He was here to help humanity, to protect them, guide them whenever necessary- but he wasn't here to control their every movement and be their silent dictator. They could make their own decisions and Kal would only get in the way if it was strictly necessary.

And last but not least, this wasn't even his world. Which might not make a difference to most people since it wasn't like he had any real authority back home either, but it always felt wrong to try to manipulate other universes. And it usually ended up biting him in the ass later anyway. So, long story short, Kal had had no intention of stopping the gang unless they got extremely violent. He wasn't even really nearby, simply paying attention with his superhearing.

And then suddenly a voice appeared out of nowhere and Kal heard the very distinct sound of someone startled and reaching for their gun. He was flying in front of it in a matter of miliseconds, arms crossed in his usual 'what is going on here' posture.

“Put that down, son. He's just here to talk.”
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Kal wouldn't even dream of judging someone for reacting badly in front of guns. He didn't enjoy having them pointed at him at all and he was invulnerable to them. So even though he did hear the slight quiver and hesitation on the man's voice he wouldn't have thought much of it... if the man hadn't just straight up jumped in front of the gang just mere minutes ago. And it wasn't like the kids (because they were kids, really) were hiding their intentions so he must have known what he was getting himself into. No, the surprise (slight panic, really) was about something else.

Kal himself, maybe? Not everyone reacted nicely to a man who could appear in front of you in the blink of an eye. Now that every imPort was given some powers he'd gotten used not thinking twice about them but he had to remember not everyone had had time to... acclimatize. But that, later.

Now he had a bullet to stop with his hand.

“I'm not going to hurt you. Any of you.” He let the bullet drop on the floor, making a point to let it 'clank' against the nearest metal. It bounced near the kid's feet. “But I'm not letting you hurt other people either.”

And with a rush of air, all the guns were melted into a big pile he was holding in his hands.
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There was definitely something else going on at play here, but Clark knew better than to push it. The man in front of him didn't just look afraid, he looked like a cornered dog that would try to bite him if he as much as made a sudden movement. So either he hadn't met someone with powers (unlikely), or he had met someone with Clark's specific set of powers. Someone who hadn't made a good impression. Clark followed the gang as they ran away to make sure they were actually retreating somewhere safe, nothing was more dangerous than a scared man who wanted to retaliate. Eventually he turned his eyes to Qubit, trying for his most reassuring smile.

“Don't mention it, I was around. I'm Superman.” He held a hand out for him to shake, hovering down to make his feet touch the ground in an attempt to not look intimidating. He wasn't sure what would set the man off but he didn't want to risk it. “And you are?”