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WHO: Qubit, Kanaya, Science Friends, Karen Starr later (probably)
WHERE: the lab at Starrware
WHEN: Sept 8 & 15
WHAT: maybe getting one thing, and then breaking the other thing.
WARNINGS: horrible nerds, questionable lab safety, and probably a tantrum

(Starters below, but here's some setting-)

The lab Qubit's been borrowing from Karen is pretty good-sized, although a lot of the floor space is taken up by counters, so he's had to get a little creative with where he puts things. The counters themselves are littered with electronics equipment, instruments stacked up on top of each other and wired together in ways that probably look random and haphazard to anyone who's not an electrical engineer themselves. They're a little more futuristic-looking than in the pictures, of course, but the mess is real. What little counter space isn't taken up by working devices is occupied by parts of them instead, and there's at least one decent-sized stockpile of old and broken electronics that don't appear to have anything to do with the rest of the equipment.

But the centerpiece, with as much space dedicated as he can make for it, is the portal itself. It's a little bit of a monster - a nine-foot-tall trapezoidal archway, metallic green, with that sort of blocky retro-future aesthetic its inventor gravitates toward. It's attached to the rest of the machines by thick bundles of cable, some snaking across the floor, others draped like vines over, under, and around the other equipment in whatever way lets them reach. The computers are turned on, but the portal itself is still dark... for now.
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[ It's before Kanaya leaves for the night that she stops in his lab. No point going home first, especially when she'd have to take off her nullifier to do that in any reasonable amount of time. The nullifier's the whole point of the visit.

She forgoes the portal entirely, at least not one that goes into the lab, instead appearing outside the door and walking in like a normal person. She does it mostly for his sake, people expect others to walk through doors instead of opening dimensional gates to step through. But, if he finds himself curious of what is being nullified exactly, she'll be open to discussing it.

She regards his odd metal doorway with some curiosity, but that will wait. Better to get the matter at hand out of the way first.

Mr. Qubit. Before I relinquish my nullifier to your study, I would like to discuss what intentions you have for the information.
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[ Sure, yes, she probably could have done with some pleasantries. Or she could just play like it wasn't anything she overlooked. ]

Primarily, I can't endorse any study that would result in the development of a countermeasure. A nullifier like mine is the only meager measure taking against imPort criminals. It's a fragile and inadequate system already, breaking it entirely would be unacceptable.

[ Though it might illustrate to the government how weak their solutions are, the potential for civilian casualties in such a demonstration isn't worth the risk to her. ]
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It would be much easier, were that the case. Criminals whose powers could be remotely shut off would do quite a bit to reduce their threat. But I know from our short history no such system is in place, or certain events could have been prevented entirely.

When I was first arrested, there was still a devoted wing for imPort prisoners, where the whole area could be under focused nullification. Now that it is no longer available, they sought other methods.

[ She bends down, reaching for her ankle to unclasp something. ] After all, if we were no longer congregated in a single location, they would want to ensure at least that much limitation is in place. Something that could do the job wherever we may be.

[ She stands back up straight, approaching his work bench and holding out a thick black bracelet, its clasp opened, a state he'd never see from one possessed by a current probationer. Those are very much locked, but that was removed when they let her keep it at the end. ]

They achieve that with this.
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[ Her stance shifts, rubbing her arm with some discomfort as her gaze flicks downward. It's something she doesn't like discussing, but knows she ought to nonetheless. ]

On three separate occasions since February, imPorts have had their wills overridden and devastated the cities that house us. It wasn't their choice, but it was their hands, and that makes it their responsibility. I kept my nullifier because I won't be caught off guard to be used as someone else's weapon.

[ Not again, certainly. Though the first time it happened to her, the one that led to her arrest, was before either of those cases entirely, she was just as guilty of it in February. She doesn't care to pass the blame just because she was coerced, anymore than she believes that failing to take preventative measures is anything short of negligent. ]

They allowed it because they aren't about to argue when a reformed criminal volunteers to extend her sentence. At least, that's what I assume.
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[ She gives him a meager shrug. Sure, it's not the same as being on probation, but the voluntary nature of it kind of necessitates that. There's always the possibility that she could be affected when she isn't wearing it, but it's her responsibility now. The best she can do is be diligent with it.

When she answers his question, it's with the flattest expression she can manage, just so he knows it isn't a joke.


[ Not the whole truth, sure. Brainwashed costumed thug is more of the real truth, but it isn't time to get into the details freely yet, not when the case is still open. ]
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[ She lets out a groaning hum, and uncomfortable sound for an uncomfortable memory, to call it an unfortunate period in her life is a gross understatement. ]

It was a phase, and one I've put behind me. I've worked very hard to become not the type.
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[ She crosses behind his desk, glancing over his shoulder with an eyebrow raised. ]

If an x-ray will allow you to study its components without actually removing them, I will allow it. As long as it's still functioning once you're done with it.