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Keep us from saying anything

WHO: ImPorts!
WHERE: Heropa, Florida.
WHEN: September 13th, from 6 PM until 11 PM.
WHAT: Registration in motion... among other things.
WARNINGS: None anticipated; please let us know if this should be edited.

" The new frontier of which I speak is not a set of promises -- it is a set of challenges. It sums up not what I intend to offer the American people, but what I intend to ask of them. It appeals to their pride, not to their pocketbook -- it holds out the promise of more sacrifice instead of more security. But I tell you the new frontier is here, whether we seek it or not. "
( from jfk's speech "the new frontier," 7/15/1960. )

An autumnal festival might seem somewhat out of place in sweltering Florida heat, however those in attendance and have helped arrange the set-up of this Swear-In are getting into the swing of things. The atmosphere isn't overtly ecstatic or loud as previous Swear-Ins have been, and those paying close attention can get an underlying sense of tension coming from the Federal agents making their rounds as this event's security. Unlike the previous ceremonies -- and for such a smaller event -- there are more agents than what might be considered the norm.

There are a number of festivities to partake in, though; booths have been set up to host activities ranging from pig lifting (lift a boar over your head and you win it!), guessing how many eggs are in a large crate, wood chopping, pumpkin pie eating contests, horse shoe throwing and quite a few more... with a mysterious fascination with all things Pumpkin Spice. Other activities include "Spot the Communist", a small maze with cardboard cutouts of people where participants need to guess which one is the Communist and who's a patriotic American citizen. There are some pamphlets that can be found around the other booths entitled "COMMUNISM: What is it? And how can we stop it?" which could provide some hints on which cardboard cutouts are a dreadful Russian spy in disguise. (Hint: the girl with the molecular biology textbook is quite suspicious.)

The number of media representatives is a small group this time, their main focus on a specific booth with a platform and microphone. Every few minutes a local from the town steps forward, speaking into the microphone about their concerns about the ever present Red threat. Behind them a large poster is erected, practically looming over them foreboding as they talk openly about the possibility of nuclear disaster, losing their children, the American dream and everything else this country has ever provided for them. At one point, an angry local rushes the stage, snatching the microphone and gesturing to the imPorts among them in a furious motion.

"What we need is for imPorts to do their jobs! They have been so busy fighting with each other and causing trouble they've forgotten about us! I'll be damned before I see this country fall to stinkin' Commies because of these spoiled folk!"

There are, however, posters around representing imPorts fighting against the Red Threat surrounding the stage. They're different enough from the imPorts to lend the artists credible deniability, but included on the posters are the Green Glow, pictured without his symbol, ring, or mask (they've got the nose all wrong!), the Steel Saviour in red, white and blue, the Sherrif who has a bewildering goatee, Roaring Leopard in yellow and black, and something labeled merely as Armour Guy, inspired by a new spat of newcomers but with patches all over the armour in every shade they seemed to be able to think of.

Also available by the stage is a small podium with a government worker heading it, a sign above proclaiming: "DO YOU, IMPORT, WISH TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE RED THREAT? SIGN UP HERE! Once imPorts edge closer, they'll learn that they're seeking out anti-communist spokespeople to be featured in commercials, art, and more! In order to commemorate this, they will name a major highway after the imPort chosen. Sign up here!

Last, but not least, the government will have booths available for signing up for ASSIGNMENTS, though it's not necessary for imPorts to be present at the Swear-In to sign up later. Should they choose to sign up to provide local aid, they will receive a short debriefing, but those who sign up for occupation will get a small, sealed file to look at later... how curious!

( Please state your character's official status -- REGISTERED or UNSETTLED -- in the subject header of your thread. )
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1. Engaging with Politics

[ Given his newness to this place, his first swearing-in is not something Gansey had been likely to miss. He wants to know as much as he can about this place, and a Government-sponsored event like this holds too much potential to pass up. So, he puts on what now passes for his best suit - bought from a vintage store for a very reasonable price - and wears the kind of smile that most people save for their campaign posters. Gansey is seventeen going on forty, in this get-up.

Of course, the minute he enters the place, the sickly sense of politics is overwhelming enough to make him wish he hadn't bothered. He hates this sort of party. He's only been here a matter of hours, which is already long enough to make him miss home - but this isn't the part of home he'd been missing. It's the sort of event that makes him feel like he ought to be wearing a red tie and shaking people's hands.

As a matter of fact, he's shaken quite a lot of hands already. The fourth person of the night asks him to talk about Communism, and laughing, he gently refuses.

No, no - I try not to give interviews. Really, my plate is full and I've only just gotten here. But I'm very interested in your thoughts on Communist espionage. We must catch up again later. I'll take your card.

[ That gets him away from most of them. It's hard to believe this is a prevalent issue. Gansey extracts himself from the crowd and seeks others like himself, fellow imports. They're the ones he really wants to talk to. ]

So, this is cosy. [ He offers a friendly smile, one that he hopes is open and honest. ] What do you suppose he meant, fighting with each other and forgetting about them? It seems the briefing they gave me was lacking in some particulars.

2. Assignments Desk

[ Part of understanding this place includes understanding what's asked of them, and that means Gansey hovers around the assignments for quite some time. Despite registering, he notably doesn't sign up for anything - but he spends some time looking at the call for action in Finland. His face does a good job of holding its mask of polite disinterest, but internally, he's worried.

He'd told Adam that no one would make them fight. They wouldn't be an army.

But this looks a lot more like war than he'd been expecting. And not the kind of war that's Cold.

Jetpacks for reservists. Naturally, they would have jetpacks. Encouragement is one thing. I didn't think they'd stoop so low as bribery.

[ A glance, to the person beside him. ]

You aren't planning to agree to that, are you?

3: Prompt him!

[ Create your own - he'll be around all night, generally refusing to sign anything but the registration sheet. ]
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Tony Stark - Registered

[personal profile] liverletdie 2015-09-14 01:52 am (UTC)(link)

[ Throughout the day, throughout this odd, odd day, filled with anti-communist propaganda that feels closer to his childhood than anything else, Tony Stark generally makes his way through the crowed, clutching a single pumpkin-spice flavored latte -- it's irresistible, alright? He can't be blamed for grabbing one, can he?

Unless, you know, someone bumps into him, which seemed to happen, and a stream of hot orange liquid poured from the cup. Whether you were the person doing the bumping -- or the person doing the splashing -- is up to you.


[ Imitation may be flattery, but to Tony Stark, imitation was just insulting when he normally contracts out any merchandise or likeness rights. After all, he's a businessman, on top of everything else, and seeing something close to his likeness -- close, but off enough to make him feel a little ill all over again at the thought -- but other than a curl of his lip, there's little for reaction, although he might be looking for an artist, although he doubts they'll be there. ]

These are a little ridiculous, aren't they?

[ He asks, as if they were all vaguely annoying, instead of only the one that pertained to him. Which was all he actually cared about. ]
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Lucy Pevensie | Registered

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[She's at the assignments table, looking a bit skeptical at first. She wants to help; that is, of course, her natural inclination, but she doesn't really care much about the jetpacks (they seem weird) and she's much more invested in getting her own hospit off the ground, for those imPorts who are not registered. So she's taking her time, and winding her way around the tables, and trying not to pay attention when the propaganda-

(There are memories there, memories of something, something, something like loose lips sink ships, but she can't think why, or what it means, or-)

-and speaking to people should they wind their way around her.]

Are you going to volunteer?
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April Ludgate | Registered | OTA

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1 Speeches and Yelling, oh my

[Given last month, April had promised to be good at this ceremony. To be an example (ish). Even if there were...pigs. And pumpkin. And yelling. So while the normal people go about their business of venting their spleen, she's abnormally non-responsive to such a perfect snide-commentary set-up. She watches passively from the side of the crowd, slowly picking away at a (pumpkin) flavored thing of cotton candy, and watching the faces in the audience.

When it comes to the imPorts going, though? That was drinking game time. Any time a villain went up? Beer chug. Anytime someone blamed the porter? Chug. Tony Stark got to be the free space. Of course he had to say something. Someone may want to have words before this whole 'cause no harm' plan she'd come with falls be the wayside in her attempt to numb her brain against imPort words.]

Games, fun, pigs!

[April was not pig lifting. This was a nice coat, and that mud and straw was too close to nature for her to wade into it without a husband or other person to drag her along into it. But she could still throw food to the soon to be lifted pigs in the attempt to make it even harder for others to do it. Because that's the kinda gal she was.]

If they let the pig poop on them, the pig should so get to keep the person.

Pick your own adventure

[See April anywhere around the event/assignments desk!]
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