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look at me still talking when there's science to do [CLOSED]

WHO: The Three (German Science) Caballeros: Hermann Gottlieb, Newton Geiszler, and Qubit Gonna-Be-Too-Cool-For-A-Last-Name. [CLOSED]
WHERE: Hermann's Apartment, Maurtia Falls
WHEN: September 14th...I think.
WHAT: Donut Party at Hermann's! The three science bros meet to gab, test Hermann's power (presumably), and eat Americanized Chinese food and fauxnuts.
WARNINGS: Fauxnuts. Newt's PG13+ language. Teleporting Mathematician. Science Date, pt 1. (Or this is Hermann and Qubit's second science date, I guess. Newt's being a third-wheel this time)

The food had barely arrived and Qubit hadn't yet, but Newt was already starting to dig into his order of Chinese take-out (and he might have had a bite of Hermann's--but, for the record: used a clean pair of chopsticks and did not double-dip).

There was a box of fauxnuts arranged beside the take-out, impossible to ignore, with the three scientists' faces in pastry goodness peering out. Hermann's looked especially grumpy.

Nearly all the walls (but not the ceiling) of the apartment were a dark slate-black color, seasoned with a light dusting of chalk all over. It had been part of Newt's keep-busy project after the Swear-In, after Hermann insisted he finally make good on the promise so the equations for teleportation would have a place. So there they were: the equations, scrawled over the walls in the mathematician's unmistakable handwriting. Or it was at least pretty unmistakable to Newt, who had to look at it on display across the room for the last five years. The smell of paint had dissipated some time ago, leaving only the familiar smell of chalk (needed some ammonia smell to truly feel like home) and, now, Chinese food (or sort of Chinese food--they weren't in Hong Kong anymore, Toto).

Speaking of the equations, he didn't know if Hermann actually planned to try teleporting tonight, but all the pieces were assembled (the equations were done, Qubit was visiting, Newt was here) and they were practical, resourceful guys, so...yeah, maybe it was happening. Just in case, Newt had on hand a medkit he had intended for himself. Would Hermann wind up splinched or something? Maybe, maybe not. But, should they attempt it, at least Newt felt he was more useful to that endeavor than just the resident 2009+ updater and donut supplier.

He bit into a fauxnut-Qubit's hair. "Hey. So, I put tea on. Totally forgot to check what Qubit drinks. Do you think I should get some soda or something from my place before he gets here? What do you think a likely-alien-Morrissey drinks?"
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Hermann had spent the previous night tirelessly rechecking his algorithm. While he could admit the possibility there was an error somewhere, it wouldn't do for Qubit to arrive and immediately spot a mistake in his equations. And now he was here again, while Newton fussed around behind him, staring at the dark slate of his living room wall, covered in white lines of numbers, variables, and symbols. He'd even fashioned himself a stepladder to assist him in reaching near to the ceiling, though he had little need of it at the moment.

Behind him, Newton was talking and Hermann offered a wordless inquiry before he actually managed to tune into what he perceived to be a question. Something about beverages. And Qubit potentially being some sort of alien. Ah yes, he had tea and some juice, but not much else.

"It's only across the hall, Newton. In either case, it's not a great deal of trouble." Not that he wasn't nervous too, but possibly for an entirely different reason. Or perhaps the same reason. It wasn't every day one attempted self-teleportation, after all.
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... unless you were Qubit, in which case yes it was every day. Though he could easily have 'ported straight into the living room, he opted instead for the sidewalk outside the building and walked in like a normal person. Let it not be said he lacked basic courtesy (usually). So around 7:02, there came a knock at Hermann's door. Sup guys.
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Hermann set his chalk down and slapped his hands together to get rid of the dust. Newton was at the door already, deep into a discussion about precisely nothing. It was a skill he envied and detested in turns, but he was somewhat grateful for it now as he fetched his cane and turned to greet their guest- or at least that was his intention.

"Yes Newton, I'd noticed. Though of course, your incessant chatter has also deprived our guest of any ability to speak for himself."

Gesturing to the expanse of his living room, he invited them both to sit wherever. The food was laid out on the coffee table between the sofa and an arm chair he'd dragged over for the occasion.

"Feel free to make yourself comfortable, Mr. Qubit. We have tea, but if you'd like anything else, you're free to tell Newton to run across the hall and fetch it for you."
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"Tea's fine, thank you," Qubit said once he could get a word in edgewise. He hadn't actually seen either of them in person since last month's swear-in (if you could even call that seeing them), so he was glad they were in such good spirits.

Still, his attention was instantly seized by the giant, math-covered chalkboards along the walls - no, wait, they were the walls? He hadn't even known you could do that. Rather than taking a seat, he meandered over to one of them, one hand on his chin. A cursory glance at the equations was enough to give him a sense of what they represented, and he turned to Hermann with an approving nod, thumbing at them over his shoulder. "I like what you've done with the place."
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"Yes, it's a wonder you don't work at a hardware store," Hermann returned dryly. But really, he was grateful for the trouble Newton had gone to paint it for him, even if 'one or two walls' had somehow become his entire apartment.

"You'll notice it's incomplete, as I don't need anything unexpected to happen before I'm ready to test it, but look it over if you'd like. I will get the tea ready and then perhaps, we can discuss.."

He wandered into the kitchen and took the kettle off, fussing around with dishware and steeping tea (oolong, just for the occasion). He balanced all of it on a circular tray and carefully carried it out to set on the coffee table along with their food. No need for regular trays with handles when there's physics to be applied.

"We should eat before it gets much cooler, however."
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"It's just paint? Really?" Naturally Qubit was interested in the equations, but not to the exclusion of everything else. He ran a couple of fingertips along the surface experimentally. "I thought maybe he'd reconstituted the drywall into slate, or something." It wasn't exactly a lead-to-gold scenario, just one mineral composite to another, so it might even be plausible. Maybe. Geology wasn't one of his specialties.

He decided to leave the equations for now; they weren't urgent, and the original purpose of the meeting (at least as he understood it) was to talk about Jaegers and Kaiju, so it might even be off-topic. As Hermann returned from the kitchen, Qubit was briefly struck by the urge to ask if he needed help, but suppressed it. For one thing, he clearly had it just fine, and for another, going by the little Newt had told him, such an offer probably wouldn't be welcome.

It was as he came over to the coffee table to get his tea that he finally noticed the box of donuts, which at first seemed like an odd companion to the Chinese food... until he recognized the faces. One with glasses and a goofy grin, one frowning as if to say it really hated being a donut, and one for which a good half its length was shaded in as chocolate "hair". Qubit picked up one of these last ones, with a grin that was equal parts amusement and disbelief. "What in the world?" he asked, almost laughing.
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Ah yes, the donuts. ..And Newton's crude humor. Hermann stifled a sigh and settled on the sofa anyway, pulling his shrimp, lobster sauce and rice over to begin plating it. If there was one thing they learned how to do in Hong Kong, it was use chopsticks.

"That was your particular idea, so I'll leave the decision up to you. You were going to lead in with Trespasser anyway. I will explain the Jaeger Program thereafter. And do try to keep the nonessential details at a minimum."

That would be a little difficult for both of them. Newton's enthusiasm for Kaiju rivaled his own for the Jaegers built to combat them. Topics they could respectively talk about for hours without tiring.
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"Good grief," he murmured, albeit through a smile. Okay, these - fonuts? foughnuts? foenuts? fauxnuts? - however you spelled it, they were patently absurd, and he wasn't sure if he should feel flattered or - oh, whoops, he just took a bite out of it. Welp, guess that one was his now. Since the armchair was the only seat left, he went ahead and claimed it, setting his dough-ppleganger on a napkin on the arm while he messed with his actual food. He didn't bother with a real plate for the cashew chicken, instead just unfolding the takeout box into one. (Because you can do that, you know. Hashtag lifehacks.)

"Sounds like you've got this all planned out already," he said, half-joking. Seriously, though - "Trespasser's a good starting point. Everything before that is trivia, essentially."

He split his chopsticks while he was speaking, and dug in after, wielding them like a pro himself. He'd sort of forgotten to stop for lunch earlier, so he was content to just sit, eat and listen for now.
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Hermann looked somewhat abashed in the wake of Newton's accusation, but it didn't last long.

"Yes well, it wasn't as though any biologists had anything remotely useful to work from. I at least had enough data for statistical averages by that point. It was all I needed to start with."

Unlike Newton, he set his chopsticks down before he continued. "I had been working with the ESA at the time, and so also had access to satellite imaging. No one had any idea where exactly they were coming from, and it wasn't a particularly high priority when the Kaiju themselves posed a prominent threat to our coastlines and the United Nations was scrambling to come up with a solution. All anyone could guess was an origin in the Pacific Ocean- only the world's largest haystack. By the time Newton contacted me, I had good reason to believe the 'Breach' as it came to be known, existed somewhere closer to Asia's coastline."

Not an outstanding finding in the grand scheme of things, but he had plenty of data to back it up, and that was more than most could say at the time. And now came the fun part.

"And so the two of us began a sort of long-distance collaborative work, supplementing material from our respective fields in the interest of solving these overlooked mysteries. In that time, the PPDC was formed, and my father helped found the Jaeger Program. It was four months before the first Jaeger was developed, and Dr. Caitlin Lightcap pioneered the drift technology meant to interface pilots with the Jaeger."

Fascinating work he would've liked to have been able to go into more detail about, but that was more Newton's field than his own and the intricate workings weren't particularly important.

"The first tests were unsuccessful, the neural strain too much for a single person. In an effort to save the second subject and prove the viability of her technology, Dr. Lightcap initiated the first pilot-to-pilot protocol and consequently became one of the first Jaeger pilots along with Lieutenant D'Onofrio. They piloted the prototype Brawler Yukon, and later proved the success of the program when they subdued the Kaiju Karloff that surfaced near British Columbia in early 2015.

I had joined the PPDC by then, and was immediately tasked with coding the line of new Mark I Jaegers. They were launched by the end of the year and outfitted with new pilots. Newton joined in 2016 as bases we call Shatterdomes began to crop up on the continents surrounding the Pacific coastline. The following year, we met at an official conference and took an immediate dislike to one another, then dropped out of contact for three years."
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Qubit listened raptly to the story, his imagination filling in the visuals. It wasn't a stretch to envision the attacks - what was hard to imagine was that sort of disaster happening in a world without superheroes. No Plutonian to grab the horrible things by the tail and chuck them into deep space; no Ivivi water purifiers to clean up the toxic waste; no Qubit-made devices to collapse the entry point. Without any of that, the strongest things they had were nukes.

(Imagine if something like that happened now, to his Earth. After all, that too was a world without the Plutonian.)

It sounded as if Newt and Hermann alone - well, probably not alone, even if they put it that way - had turned an eye to the bigger picture. While the world was still asking how to stop one Kaiju, they were asking how to stop all Kaiju. What were they, where did they come from? Commendable, definitely.

By the time Hermann was going over the nascent Jaeger program, Qubit dimly realized he hadn't touched his food in a good five minutes, and forced himself to resume eating.

"'Shatterdomes,'" he repeated. "What a name." No, seriously, that was a pretty amazing name, regardless of what was getting shattered or whether domes were even involved.

It wasn't hard to imagine the two of them not getting along at first, though. (Did they even get along now?) They were polar opposites in pretty much every way, except their willingness to argue with one another, which was identical. He could see them being an acquired taste.

"What got you to reestablish it?" he asked.
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"Wait, what? Decommission?" Newt, you can't just glide past that. "But this is still before you closed the Breach?"
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Hermann took the opportunity to eat for a few minutes, sharing the occasional look or shrug with Newton, then cleared his throat with a nod.

"To continue where we left off before.." Yeah that was a pointed look at you, Newton.

"Once the Jaegers were completed, I was able to focus on working to assist in locating the Breach. We eventually found it within the Mariana Trench.. Challenger's Deep. Monitoring and alarm systems were put into place, and we studied every ounce of data that came through."

Back when he actually had a team to work with. It was something of a golden age for the PPDC as a whole, before everything began to collapse.

"For a time, the Jaeger Program was successful. We built four generations that each met with great success. The Kaijus fell, and we seemed to be winning. After we'd discovered a vulnerability in the fabric of the Breach, the PPDC made a few attempts to destabilize it through tactical nuclear strikes. However, the bombs never went through and the Kaijus kept coming. They grew steadily larger over the course of several years, and I learned to predict the attacks." He frowned. "Not that it helped much."

"We began to lose Jaegers faster than we could produce them. The global economy and ecology worsened, and my predictive models began to paint a rather grim picture of the future. The United Nations declared our efforts insufficient and began exploring alternative options. Thus, the Coastal Wall Program was conceived.."

And he really meant to follow that up with more information, but the sudden burst of righteous fury overrode his ability to speak. Hermann looked to Newton, willing him to explain the rest.
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Unlike during previous breaks, Hermann made no effort to eat this time. He sat and let Newton speak for him, airing frustrations he knew were in no small part his own. But this was never a topic he could think through without growing agitated. It just didn't make sense. It never had. The world was at stake and they wanted to build a wall against monsters that were getting bigger by the year. Divert all funding away from the program that was actually working..!

The mathematician took a deep breath of his own as Newton stood, jaw working and hand pressed over his face while the facts struck a little too close to home and he had to resist the very real urge to scream. Their agitation was feeding back between the both of them, and Hermann shook with barely suppressed rage. They needed to calm down before they broke something, but that was easier said than done.

"Our funding.." he ground through his teeth. "All of our resources.. They would have killed us all with that godforsaken testament to stupidity!"
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So there was the problem, in the end - Earth could mount a defense against Kaiju, but only to a point. Its resources were limited, and when even a single Kaiju could do such a colossal amount of damage, a permanent solution was critical to humanity's survival. If the Jaegers didn't seem to be providing that, what could they do? Why, the ultimate in half-assed permanent solutions: wall it off and hope it goes away.

Newt was right, that was some grade-A exceptional stupidity - aaand he did not fail to notice that whole hand-on-leg thing. Huh. (I mean, obviously the classy thing was not to mention it, he certainly didn't know the exact nature of their relationship, and whether or not it was strictly professional was none of his business...) Right, what were we talking about? The wall? Let's talk about the wall.

It was exceptional stupidity, for sure. Even if it had worked, what was to prevent a Kaiju from, say, swimming under the polar ice cap, or through the Indian Ocean? What were you supposed to do then, just wall off every coastline in the world? Europe wouldn't have been a safe haven for long. But the more he listened, the more obvious it was that this was intensely personal to them. It was Hermann's father taking the wrong side - turning his back on proven methods, on the world, and on his own son. He didn't blame them for having some anger about that.

... But it was the level of anger that started to worry him. It felt excessive. The more animated Newt became, the more agitated Hermann looked (he was physically shaking, good lord) - or was it vice versa? Like they were setting something off in each other -

- well, of course they were. They were practically sharing a brain, weren't they? With that in mind, it was the kind of painfully obvious where he mentally kicked himself for not noticing sooner.

Qubit sat forward, holding one index finger up to Newt in the universal gesture for "hold that thought." "Calm down," he said firmly. "You're both angry about it. Understandable. I'm a little angry, and I wasn't even there. Hermann? Breathe."
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It was good advice. The kind of well-meaning and reasonable that warred with volatility. But Newton had calmed somewhat, and Qubit's distraction- the reminder that they had a guest- helped reign in his flaring temper.

He breathed. Doctor, he almost corrected him, but by now, Qubit had more than proved himself to be a friend of theirs, so he let it go uncontested. Not to mention he wasn't certain he wouldn't automatically connect Gottlieb to his father. Hermann's long fingers flexed and trembled, but he managed to get the rest of himself under control. His hands he occupied with holding his tea.

"Sorry, but I'm sure you can understand.." Another breath, glance to Newton, and a wan smile. "At any rate, Marshal Pentecost." And there was a man he could think of and have nothing but respect for. "He organized the remains of the PPDC in the Hong Kong Shatterdome. A resistance. Operation Pitfall was to be a final assault on the Breach in hopes of closing it for good. My numbers.. were predicting double and triple events to occur in swift succession, made up of the largest Kaiju we'd ever seen. With only four Jaegers left to defend ourselves, we were facing the apocalypse."

He stared into his tea. "I had theorized the Breach would stabilize with this increase in activity and allow us to get the device through, but Newton had other ideas. ..A very foolish, but ultimately necessary alternative plan of action."
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Honestly, Qubit didn't even notice he'd used the wrong name. Newt called him Hermann all the time, so it was easy to slip into that pattern. The information was fascinating, naturally, but it was true they were in no hurry. He sat back, absently tenting his fingers - at least until Newt started poking at his coat, at which point he swatted the hand away (not forcefully).

"Of course I change clothes," he said, only mildly snippy about it. "I just have a favorite coat, that's not so unusual. Anyway, forgive me if shopping hasn't been high on my list of priorities." He'd picked up a couple of shirts and stuff, and was in fact wearing a different shirt than the one he arrived in. It just happened to also be green. He likes green, if it wasn't obvious.
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Hermann winced, lips pressed into a tight line, but he nodded something short and sharp and settled back in an effort to relax. They were wrong, so very wrong, but they won. They won, and now everyone saw the Wall for the idiocy it truly was. Breathing in a deep, shuddering breath, he released it and felt his hands lose some of their previous tension.

Newton and Qubit's voices were little more than background noise, discussing nothing in particular. To give him time, he knew, loathe though he was to admit he needed it. Hermann sipped his tea and let the conversation wash over him. Newton could pick up where they left off when it suited him.
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It was kind of a miracle if he'd managed to go an entire month without someone commenting on his hair. Qubit tried to avoid the web of public opinion when he could, but from what he had seen, the hair had always been a polarizing topic among the kind of people who cared about celebrity fashion. (Of whom there were distressingly many.) You either liked it or hated it. But he couldn't say he wasn't pleased that Newt fell under the former category, so that got a preening smirk out of him.

"Oh, it's not a bad look," he said, with regard to Hermann. Sure, it might be a bit stodgy, especially by 2025 standards, but... given that Qubit was also the kind of person who wore sweater vests unironically... "But thanks all the same, I suppose."

Anyway, yes, shop. Qubit hadn't been the one who needed a break in the first place, so he nodded. "Whenever you're ready. I think we were on... double and triple events?"
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It was a testament to his emotional state that Hermann didn't even attempt to protest or counter Newton's jab. He offered Qubit a wan smile for his defense of him, but couldn't summon the energy for a rebuttal.

He glanced to Newton, nodding and flexing his fingers around his tea. "Yes.. Operation Pitfall and your experiment, Newton."

He certainly wasn't going to be the one to explain that.
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"You drifted with-?" Qubit's eyebrows rose. He didn't know whether to be more shocked that it worked, or that Newt was crazy enough to try it in the first place. Yeah, sure, let's plug ourselves into the genocidal alien hivemind, what could possibly go wrong?

"Just to be clear," he said in the momentary pause at the end there, "a 'multiple event' just refers to more than one Kaiju coming through at a time, correct?"
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"Yes," Hermann confirmed, a little testy as he focused on Newton. They managed to relive very little of it thank god, but the emotions were still there. Newton's foolish daring, his own alarm and disapproval as the Marshal ordered Newton to risk himself again, and he went without a second thought into Hong Kong's bone slums to find a man Pentecost himself didn't trust.

One of the few things he wanted to begrudge the man, but he understood, and that made it almost impossible. He could still fume about it though.

"My numbers.. predicted a double event-- two kaijus rising from the Breach-- and then, shortly thereafter three, and so on. Suffice to say, we were looking at extinction-level events."

Hermann swallowed, debated with himself over whether or not he'd leave the rest to Newton, then nodded.

"We lost two Jaeger crews to the double event in Hong Kong. Miss Mori's Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, managed to take them down in what was an unprecedented level of skill demonstrated by both herself and her co-pilot, Mr. Becket. Even in the wake of their extraordinary success however, Operation Pitfall had only our two remaining Jaegers left to carry it out, and we were heading into a triple event."
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Mako was a pilot? Here he'd thought she was a mechanic. And the existence of a pregnant Kaiju raised more questions than it answered - they were cloned bioweapons, and the Precursors didn't seem to have any shortage of them, so why? Couldn't deny it was convenient for Newt's purposes, though.

"And what did you find out?"
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Hermann fidgeted, wishing he'd never had a single accusatory thought about Cherno Alpha or Crimson Typhoon's destruction. But at least he'd never actually leveled the words at Newton.

"We discovered that the Breach was genetically encrypted, so to speak," he said, throwing an exasperated glare at Newton. "We had made a number of attempts on the Breach over the years, but the bombs kept deflecting off the surface. This time, we were able to tell the pilots how to access it."

And then they lost Striker Eureka and her pilots, and their last Jaeger as well, if not the crew.

"..And what Newton hasn't told you, is the only reason he survived the second drift was because someone else was foolish enough to drift with him."
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Ah, right. Hermann had mentioned the genetic lock on the Breach before, so Qubit nodded a few times at that part. And that the two of them had drifted together wasn't much of a surprise - he felt like one of them might have said something about it before, or at least implied it. Maybe. At any rate, it fit in almost seamlessly with their power.

Serious Newt was a little jarring, though, and he nodded once again, more somberly. That was one of those things you had to think about with temporal displacement - how much did you tell someone who was "behind" you? There wasn't really anything they could do about Pentacost's death while they were here, and, well... she'd find out on her own, sooner or later. (Assuming it still had to happen. That was one of the other things you had to think about. There were a lot of things you had to consider when time travel was on the table.)

"That's probably wise," he said. "Don't worry, I won't mention it."
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"It is not a story, Newton," Hermann argued. "It is twelve years of our world's history."

But his grumblings petered out in the solemn words that followed. Pentecost's death was a heavy price for the success of the operation, no matter how necessary. He was going to tell Mako once, but the girl had just relived her family's death the night before and hardly seemed courteous.

"At any rate, Striker Eureka and Gipsy Danger carried out Operation Pitfall, where two category fours were circling the Breach. Then our world's first and (hopefully) last category five emerged and engaged Striker. With Gipsy heavily damaged and the odds stacked against them, Marshal Pentecost and Chuck Hansen made the decision to self-destruct in hopes of leaving a pathway for Miss Mori's Jaeger to finish the mission. As an earlier Mark-3 Jaeger, Gipsy housed a nuclear core large enough to detonate effectively within the Breach."

And really, that was it.

"In the end, we lost both Jaegers, but Miss Mori and her co-pilot managed to escape back to the surface. The Breach collapsed, and we had won. That is when Newton and I were brought here."
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Qubit waved off Newt's thanks, and smiled as the (hi)story came to a close. Their victory may have been costly, but at least it was decisive. "That's good to hear," he said. "Truly. And now humanity can start rebuilding. Tear down that wall, put the materials into something useful."

Oh yeah, food. Food was a thing they still had, wasn't it. He picked up his chopsticks, but came up with another question before he managed to actually start eating again. "Can you tell me a little more about the Drift? How that works - it isn't psionic, it just picks up electrical impulses from the pilots' brains, doesn't it?"
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Hermann dipped his head in a nod, grateful the story's end as well as Newton's unfailing support. The war finally felt over in a way it hadn't before. And oh, he desperately wanted to be there for the announcement of the wall's deconstruction. That was the only thing that could have made that triumphant moment better.

He decided he'd wait until he could reheat his food to continue eating it. Well enough that he did, because Qubit still had questions.

"The drift.." An infinitely complex topic, Hermann exchanged a look with Newton, then continued. "So far as moving the Jaeger yes, that's more or less the case. However, in order to move it in tandem, both pilots must be fully synchronized."

He set his cold tea on the coffee table and leaned forward. "You see, in an active drift, the pilots are sharing thoughts, memories, and emotions in real-time. That is why the relationship between co-pilots is so complex, and compatibility between partners is so highly sought. They're in the drift for hours at a time, and there comes a point where there are no secrets left to hide."

That kind of intimate knowledge broke some bonds and forged others.

"But Newton and I only actively drifted for perhaps a handful of minutes. What we are experiencing here is what is called the 'ghost drift'- or a drift hangover, if you will. An unusually strong one granted, but we exchange emotions and pick up on impressions if not the thoughts themselves. It's not exactly something we actively control. Only just recently we discovered an ability to consciously share memories when we're in contact, but with how volatile such things can be, it's rather dangerous to attempt."