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It's just a jump to the left

WHO: Mighty Max, OPEN
WHERE: Anywhere
WHEN: Labor Day Weekend
WHAT: Max is experimenting with his portals and trying to keep track of where they all are. They open up in random locations, so if I have permission to have a portal open up somewhere around your character (in their house, by their table while they're eating, etc) then please jump into the log and also comment on this post.
WARNINGS/NOTES: Please see this OTHER post for a more detailed explanation of how Max's portals work, but quick overview:
  • Max can open up portals with his magic baseball cap.
  • Max's portals are in fixed locations and can't be moved, so don't have a portal open anywhere you don't want him to have access to at a later time.
  • Please don't have Max stumble into any situation that wouldn't be appropriate for a 12 year old boy.


So far, Max had managed to find the right connections to quickly get him to Times Square, San Francisco and St. Louis, as well as various other small towns across the country. Weirdly enough, nothing had taken him out of the country just yet -- usually by now he wound up in Egypt or Mongolia or something. He wondered if the government had interfered with the portals somehow, or if this world's network was just different.

How different? Why were there even portals in this place? Was there another Cap?

...Was there another Mighty One?

He had questions, so many questions, but no way to find the answer. So instead he kept moving, keeping track of his movements in a notebook where he could. Cities where he could name them, location descriptions where he couldn't. (It hadn't occurred to him to use the GPS feature on his phone, because... what the heck is GPS? </90's kid>)

So he keeps moving, walking on foot where he needs to, using some innate sense that always seems to guide him to a portal when he needs one, waiting for that chill up his spine letting him know he was getting close, until he finally saw that now-familiar yellow light.

Somewhere on the other side, there's a crackle of electricity and rumble as a circle of light appears from nowhere, offering no explanation for its presence. It lingers a few moments until it spits out a small blonde boy and disappears without a trace. He lands as gracefully as possible given the circumstances (so, kinda-sorta) before glancing around and pulling a memo pad from his pocket and glancing around, looking preoccupied with his location.

"Okay, where am I this time?"
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[Where Max ended up this time is a fairly large, white-walled laboratory - albeit not nearly that clean. The place is littered with electronics equipment, instruments stacked up on top of each other and wired together in ways that probably look random and haphazard to someone who's not an electrical engineer. They're a little more futuristic-looking than in the pictures, of course, but the mess is real. What little counter space isn't taken up by working devices is occupied by parts of them instead, and there's at least one decent-sized stockpile of old and broken electronics that don't appear to have anything to do with the rest of the equipment.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the Porter that Max will find behind him. It's a 9-foot-tall trapezoidal archway, metallic green, with that sort of blocky 80s-sci-fi aesthetic. Thick bundles of cable snake across the floor to and from it, and on one side part of the casing has been removed, revealing some of the insanely complex machinery underneath. It's not turned on, but it's clearly the main project nonetheless.

There's nobody here right this second, and the overhead lights are off (the lab draws a lot of power regardless, so turning off the lights when he's out of the room is more habit than actually helpful). However, a lot of the equipment is up and running, casting the room in the spooky green light of multiple monitors' lock screens. Whoever owns all this stuff could return at any moment...]
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[Sadly, whatever Max knocked over was fragile. It doesn't actually fall apart - when you can make this stuff without molds and mod it with barely a thought, why not make the casing seamless? - but the screen cracks badly and something's audibly knocked loose inside. Nice job breaking it, hero.

Meanwhile, a little ways down the hall, Qubit is returning from lunch with a cup of generic office coffee when he thinks he hears something. Did somebody drop something? But he's not sure where it's coming from. The labs adjacent to his aren't empty, after all. He dismisses it as his imagination and continues. It's not like it could have been something in his lab.

He'll be there shortly, and a quick set of beeps from the door as he unlocks it will be the only warning Max gets that someone's about to walk in. From the crash to the door opening, he's got maybe thirty seconds.

Not that he'd know that, unless he can see through the wall into the hallway suddenly.]
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[The door swings open, and for a brief moment Qubit's silhouetted against the light from the hallway. He stops short in the doorway, though, because there's something very out of place here. That something is a kid. There is a kid in his lab. And even better, it's the "M" kid oh for crying out loud-

Surprise turns to anger in a heartbeat. This child is rapidly becoming the bane of his existence. Qubit flips the lights on and strides forward, drawing himself to his full height over Max as the door swings itself shut behind him. He's maybe not as imposing under fluorescent lights as he would be in the dark, but he still fully intends to put the fear of God into him this time.]

Well, well. I'd love to hear how you plan to talk your way out of this one.

[aka you've got about 10 seconds to explain yourself before consequences ensue.]
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[... Well, that was straightforward. Enough so that Qubit's legitimately not sure whether or not the kid's making it up. Out of equal parts curiosity and spite, he snatches the Cap off Max's head.]

Oh, this hat? [He turns aside and rotates it in his hands to have a look from all angles.] Doesn't look magical. Is that what the "M" stands for?
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Not for long, if you keep this up. Do you really expect me to believe you're just jumping into portals at random without knowing where they lead? Please tell me you're smarter than that.

[Granted Qubit has also been known to do that but DO AS HE SAYS NOT AS HE DOES, OKAY. Uh - also he's just noticing the thing on the table behind Max, which was not there when he left and also did not have a broken screen. Child what did you do]

Oh, good lord. Do you know what's mine? This equipment is mine. That is mine. [pointing at it] Tell me, do you have any idea what that was before it met you?
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[For God's sake Max what is with this language? But it does give him pause, at least on that front. Back home - so this is something he already had. He's already used to it.

But he can interrogate the kid in a minute. Regardless of his origins, he really wants to try and instill a token amount of caution in him. He crosses to the machine, turning Max around by the shoulder so they can look at it together.]

This is a logic analyzer. It's used to detect errors in prototype microprocessors. Guess what a machine like this retails for.

I'll give you a hint, it's five digits.
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[Just gives him a Look with a capital L. He'll let that price tag sink in for a few seconds, before he tucks the hat under one arm and picks up the machine in both hands.]

That said, you're very lucky I can do this.

[And in a brief flash of eerie blue-green light, it is fixed. This takes him literally one and a half seconds. (His eyes glow, too, when he does that. It's pretty cool.)]
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[Qubit puts the logic analyzer back where it belongs. True, he can check the cameras, but he's not going to right this second. It's not farfetched - he's tripped over all the crap on the floor a few times himself - and he doesn't think the kid has much reason to lie at this point. Anyway, his initial anger is already starting to dissipate. Don't get him wrong, he's still mad, but not "tweak your ear and call your parents" mad. If there were any parents to call, anyway.

Instead, he pulls the hat back out for another look. It still just looks like a normal hat, but he's never been able to pick up on "magical auras" or however the hell they detect that sort of thing. How it works isn't worth asking, because if it is magic, then by definition it can't be explained except in terms of itself. Which, incidentally, is why magic is bullshit. But there are other things he can ask.]

You said they can be mapped. They're in fixed locations?
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What, so you can 'port back out?
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[Qubit thwaps him over the head with the ancient magical artifact.] Don't flatter yourself. I'm serious. You've still got some explaining to do, and you're not going anywhere until you've done it.
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[Yeah but Qubit spent like half that fight trying to keep you from getting hurt... sigh.]

Well, for starters, where did you get it? You mentioned you already had it back home.
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[That may just be the fastest he's had a conversation go from "sure let's talk" to "actually no I changed my mind."]

... Touchy subject?
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[... Well. There goes the last of Qubit's determination to stay angry. He wasn't totally prepared for such a genuine answer, and... he can acutely sympathize. His expression softens somewhat.]

I'm sorry to hear that.

[He looks again at the hat he's holding, feeling like kind of a jerk now. See, this kind of thing is why he's rubbish with kids. After a moment's consideration, he offers it back to Max.]

[He doesn't want that to be taken as permission to leave, though, so. Gonna play it cool and change the subject.] Tell me more about the portals. Fixed locations, you said. Where's the one in here let out?

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