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What's the difference between self discovery and self destruction

WHO: Tetsuo Shima and YOU
WHERE: Any city; just place it in the subject line or mention it in a thread. He'll be doing a lot of roaming around.
WHEN: Month of September
WHAT: Catchall open log for chaos or general activities - Tetsuo's been unleashed on America and intends to play garrys mod with it. If you wanted an excuse to fight an out of control psychokinetic, here it is
WARNINGS: General villainy (property damage, violence, possible drug use mentions, theft...) and potentially interrupting Kanedas at the end of threads

[It's a brand new month, and a brand new start; and with it comes so many brand new ways to find trouble.

You can expect to find Tetsuo engaged in normal shenanigans, like any ordinary sixteen year old. Things like threatening natives! Causing accidents or generally ignoring all traffic laws! Raiding drug stores! Hanging around on park benches or generally wandering aimlessly! Suffering from extreme migraines! All this and more in your hometown!

He's taken his motorcycle and psychic powers and hit the streets of America on a quest for ... you know what, we just don't know. The good news is, beyond checking churches for Crane, and making sure that his (glove-covered) wrist could say CRIMINAL from here until forever, he doesn't seem to have any set goals in mind on what to do. All that's clear is he can do what he wants, and he's not taking no for an answer to anything.

Feel free to fight him, talk to him, join in, what have you -- you're free to stop him but he's going to either run at the end if it's clear he can't win, or get you out of the way somehow. If you'd like to change this, talk with me and we can work something out.

I'll throw starters out on request, but please feel free to make your own. If you'd like to fight, check out his permissions first, but this is a general invitation to fight without any preamble or excuses.]
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Maurtia Falls; Kittler & Sons Salvage

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[The place: one of MF's larger, seedier junkyards. Kittler & Sons have a bad track record with screening what comes in for hazardous materials, so Qubit has been setting aside a few hours a week to help them clean the place up - on the condition that he gets to personally dispose of whatever they find. This way they don't have to pay any fines for having it, and he doesn't have to pay anyone to acquire it. Everyone wins.

As he's there during the day, he doesn't often run into anyone who doesn't work there, save the occasional homeless person or fellow scrap picker. There's a group of teens that's sometimes hid out there while skipping school, too, but Qubit's run them off enough times that their appearances have mostly stopped. (Understandably, they don't want to tangle with an imPort.)

But this isn't one of them. It's a teenager - not one of the regulars, but he still looks familiar. More important, though, is the obvious distress he's in. Actually, Qubit's first impression is that the kid's on drugs. Which... sure, that'd be illegal, but frankly he's more concerned with the kid's health at the moment. He hurries over to Tetsuo, but stops just outside of arm's reach, at least until he's assessed whether he'll be violent.]

Hey. Can you hear me? What's wrong?
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[Qubit spots that pill there, which does lend credence to his "totally on drugs" theory, but doesn't have time to think about it much before he's getting pelted with rocks and jagged bits of metal. He throws up his arms to protect his face, at least, but some of the debris gets through anyway, one bit slicing a shallow (but painful) gash across his cheekbone.] Gyah-!

[What the- telekinesis?? Wait, now he remembers where he saw this kid - the security footage from the swear-in. He was one of the other major ones (besides Gogo) who'd seriously lost control of their powers. Qubit's pretty sure he saw him rip someone clean in half. That's who is now on drugs.

... Well, shit. Let's hope he can still be reasoned with, or Qubit might very well be chunks.]

Stop it! I'm not going to hurt you!
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[Okay yeah this isn't working. Qubit scrambles for cover behind the broken chassis of a truck - its engine's already gone, but much of the electrical system is still intact. That, he can use. For a few seconds, the truck lights up with a bluish-green glow, and its frame visibly contorts as his power strips out everything it can use. The new device rapidly comes together in his hands, and he wastes no time firing it up, an oblong spheroid of blue energy fizzing to life around him as he does.

Force field generator. He really ought to start carrying one of these around, he muses.]
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[Not a moment too soon. Qubit flinches and ducks away as the truck splits, as if an enormous wedge was driven into it, shearing the two halves in opposite directions. The separation isn't complete, but it's close, and he's morbidly impressed with how clean the gash is.

Having the force field up, though, gives him a little room to get a better assessment of his attacker. There's no question the kid's powerful, but... he also looks like hell. Is that just the drugs, or something else? Qubit's known enough psychics, both friend and foe, to have some idea what a double-ended sword that particular powerset can be. Either way, though, he doubts Tetsuo can keep this up forever.]

Are you done?
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[Qubit, though, stands his ground, pulling himself to his full height. It's beginning to occur to him, as well, that maybe the kid can't stop. After all, they were all technically on drugs at the swear-in, too. If that's the case, he may simply burn out as he did then, but... does it really have to come to that? An idea's starting to come together in his head. It's possible, if these powers respond to known methods...]

I'll say this once more: I'm not here to hurt you. No, your own powers are doing a bang-up job of that already, aren't they?
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I'll take that as a yes. [Which means he was right, thank goodness. He meets Tetsuo's glare head-on. At least he's got his attention - now to see if this carrot's enough to keep it.]

I can help you. Do you know what a psychic resonator is?
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Good. That's a start.

[He takes a cursory look around for something that'll work as material, spots something a few meters away, and walks calmly over to pick it up while he speaks.]

It's a device that inhibits psionic feedback reactions. I designed it for a fellow back home - a telepath, extremely powerful. But the more of that power he tapped into, the more it hurt him. Sounds familiar, I'll bet.
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[But lectures and technobabble are his default modes of communication D: No you're right, though. He shouldn't drag this out.]

What it does is cut down on the pain.
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No. [Probably not. At least not significantly.] I could explain to you how it works, but that's a whole other lecture, and you're not here for one of those.

[His powers light up again, and his eyes along with them, as he warps the scraps he picked up into something not unlike a wristwatch, albeit without a face, and with a blocky, function-over-form aesthetic that actually wouldn't look too out of place in Akiraverse. The surface is plastic, matte silver. This only takes him a second or two, and he holds the finished product up for Tetsuo to have a look at. It's still inactive, so if you were to put it on as-is it wouldn't do anything yet, but this is all there is to it.]

There. See? Nothing fancy.
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[He's... mildly surprised at being asked to do that, but.] Very well.

[He snaps the device onto his free wrist, and turns it on while he's at it, since evidently that's what the kid's concerned about. He can sort of feel an effect from it, like a dim, barely perceptible buzzing at the back of his skull, as the device tries to correct for a resonance that isn't present. But it's harmless, he knows. He gives it a few seconds, enough to show that he's not dropping dead or anything, then shrugs with a nonchalant frown, as if to say What did you expect?]
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[Qubit shakes his head. He could have added ulterior functions to it, but what for? There's no point sabotaging the tenuous cease-fire with anything less than full disclosure.]

No catch. Call it a show of good faith. Although I won't say I'm being entirely selfless. Ideally I'd rather not go the way of that truck just this minute, so I'd say this benefits us both.
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Of course. [His voice is still calm, but firm, measured. Though he's justifiably cautious - they both know Tetsuo's perfectly capable of making good on that threat, after all - he's not really afraid, per se. This isn't by far the most powerful, unstable, or menacing person Qubit's ever attempted to bargain with. Must be Tuesday.]

[Anyway, he powers down the resonator, takes it off, and tosses it underhand to him.] Just hit the green button when you're ready. Shouldn't need too much tweaking.
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[The device boots up again without ceremony, the button lighting up dimly as the only external sign it's running. It takes a few seconds to ramp up to full effect, but the difference should be dramatic. The pain won't disappear completely, but it will diminish significantly, i.e. if it was a 12 it should go down to something like a 5 or 6.

Qubit watches silently, though he's ready to port himself away at a moment's notice, just in case. The resonator should work. Of course it'll work. Sure, the reasoning that led him to this solution was a series of educated guesses more than actual evidence, and if he guessed wrong he might be seriously injured or worse, but... his intuition's pretty reliable, yeah? It'll work. It had better bloody work.

He's got a hell of a poker face, though, and he keeps any hint of his internal second-guessing off of it. What Tetsuo gets is unflinching eye contact.]

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