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roll up for the magical mystery tour

WHO: everybody!
WHERE: all of the Porter cities
WHEN: August 26th-27th
WHAT: an attack of the supernatural.
WARNINGS: cw for gore in one video I link, but it's cheap SyFy level gore. will edit if needed!

De Chima: Over the Porter building, there’s a flash of blinding green light. Any sort of magic user or at least anybody perceptive to these sorts of thing can tell almost instantly that something’s off. For everybody else, the big honkin’ griffin on top of the Porter building is sign enough.

It really is a majestic creature. The griffin is large, about the size of a VW Beetle, with golden feathers. It spends most of its time nesting on top of the Porter building, occasionally flying out to grab more sticks for its nest—occasionally an entire shrub counts as a ‘stick.’ Any sort of small animals, from birds to cats, are suspiciously absent from the area. The smart ones ran away. The not so smart ones are dinner. So basically, don’t let Dipper Pines or the Young Justice kitten hoard next to this bird.

The griffin doesn’t attack normal humans going in and out of the Porter building, but it does give them the bird version of a stink-eye. ImPorts however…that’s a different story. Whenever an imPort walks near the Porter building, there’s a loud screech and the griffin starts to attack, in a flash of claws and beak. It doesn’t attack to kill, instead attacking more to drive imPorts away from the Porter building.

Nonah: This time, the flash of light appears in the middle of a busy intersection…and plop, in the middle of said intersection is a giant gila monster. It looks like your normal, every day gila monster but it’s bigger than average, about the size of an SUV (which is giant for a gila monster so hey, in Puck’s mind it counts. Managing four spells at once is hard, alright?)

The gila monster spends it’s time sunning itself, lying right in the middle of traffic. If provoked by imPorts, the gila monster will retaliate, mostly though biting, though that tail is pretty powerful if it slams into someone. If nobody bothers it? The gila monster will sleep. Just sleep, chilling out in the sun, being kind of a boring reptile.

Maurtia Falls: Third verse, same as the first. A blinding flash of light appears over a local river, revealing the Loch Ness Monster. Nessie is fairly big and fairly docile. She spends most of her time plodding around the river, eating what few marsh greens can be found in the river, sidling up to any sort of curious people to see what’s going on.

Enterprising children try to scramble on her back in order to get rides, much to the disdain of their parents. Honestly, you don’t know where that thing’s been, it’s the Loch Ness Monster, Susie, what if it has rabies? Still, the Loch Ness Monster doesn’t mind that people keep climbing on her. In fact, it looks like she actually enjoys it.

Heropa: The piece de resistance! A burst of green light flashes a few miles out in the ocean. The waters churn and, in an hour or so, a waterspout forms and slowly moves inward. The waterspout is a lot of wind and a lot of rain, getting buildings wet and overturning umbrellas, but doing no major property damage. The real problem will be the sharks in the waterspout, picked up from the ocean and brought over to land. This is a bona fide Sharknado.

The sharks will attack any imPorts that have the misfortune of being near the Sharknado, either slamming into them with the proportional strength of a shark or biting them with nasty shark teeth. Despite being angry and chompy, there's nothing special about the sharks. They can be punched, shot, chainsawed in half, exploded, gotten rid of in ridiculous ways, etc. etc. Curiously enough, the sharks won't bite normal humans, they'll just target imPorts. Almost like magic....

No matter which of the Porter cities people are in, magic permeates the air. For those who can sense it, the feeling of magical power is pretty overwhelming. If characters are near the sites where the creatures appear, they can hear Puck’s incantation:
“Lizard, bird and fish twice o’er
Scatter to the cities four
Grow now large with strength and might
And give the imPorts something to fight!”

Happy punching, guys.
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De Chima | Open

[personal profile] superposition 2015-08-30 01:56 am (UTC)(link)
Who's got two thumbs and no magic sense whatsoever? This guy. So to Qubit, the first sign that something's up is a local news report interrupting whatever he was listening to on the radio. "Still no word from military officials... leaving residents to wonder whether the creature is an imPort, or something else entirely... but whatever it is, it sure doesn't seem friendly..." And since his code's compiling anyway, he decides to go check it out. Who knows, maybe he can help.

So he portals in a block or two away, and nonchalantly joins the small assembly of De Chima locals who've gathered outside the Porter building, looking curiously up at the nesting griffin (and many taking videos of it). And what great timing! It's finally moving! It's getting up... It rears up on its hind legs and lets out an ear-splitting screech...

And with no further warning, it dives toward the crowd, talons out. Reasonably, they scatter, but Qubit stands his ground just long enough to realize something very important: that it's not attacking the crowd, it's dive-bombing him specifically. Which, you know, is still a problem, but...

He throws up a portal between himself and the beast a split second before it reaches him. The other end is midway up the building, so the griffin gets ejected directly into a wall. It hits feet-first and scrabbles for purchase against the brick for a few seconds before figuring out which way gravity goes again. But once it regains its balance, it swoops back down, this time landing on the sidewalk, its long tail swishing ferociously. As the griffin steps forward, Qubit steps cautiously back, not taking his eyes off it but mentally feeling out what's here that he can use. There's plenty, if it comes to that - cars, junction boxes, electric meters. Now he just needs a plan.

Meanwhile, the bystanders are totally going to put this on UsTube.
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[personal profile] crapbearer 2015-08-30 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
Max is still in his uniform from his day job -- intern at the Museum of Folklore -- when he arrives on the scene. He's small and agile, and easily weaves his way to the front of the crowd.

There are people murmuring around him, and one young woman with her newfangled camera phone murmurs something about a sphinx. Max turns, frowning at her -- "It's a griffin. See how he's got the eagle head? Sphinxes had human heads, this one's clearly got some eagle."

The crowd murmurs in interest as Max talks, and some of them move closer to get his commentary as the attack goes on -- a few even point their cameras at him. He thinks. He's still not used to cell phones. Still, it's not lost on him that people are suddenly paying a little more attention. He glances around nervously, then continues.

"Anyway, uh -- the sphinx was more of a guardian figure? You see her a lot on temples and tombs. Plus there was that whole Oedipus thing in Thebes. A lot of old art and stuff depicts Griffins taking on the offensive, so it makes more sense that -- "

He pauses when the murmurs turn to fearful cries, and Max turns noticing that the Griffin has turned its head and taken notice of him, its old target not forgotten but now not the only priority. Max gulped when it locked eyes with him, but he quickly took note of the bystanders and stepped forward, holding his arms to either side.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I need you to stand clear. This is official Museum of Folklore business, nothing to see, move along."
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Qubit followed the griffin's line of sight, and was surprised to find at the other end somebody he recognized - by age and hat, at least. He didn't recall the kid's name, but he did recall specifically telling him not to do exactly this. "What do you think you're doing? Get out of here!"

He needed the beast's attention back on himself, now. Stupid or not, he wasn't about to let some kid get hurt. Quickly, he grabbed a fist-sized rock from the ground nearby, hefting it in his hand for a second before reeling back and letting it fly. He had a good arm for such a wiry guy, and it struck the griffin a few inches below the eye.

The griffin screeched in pain and irritation, but it worked; Qubit now had the undivided attention of an angry monster the size of a small car. Boy, would this be a great time to have his team here (and not dead). Sure, he could try punching the thing, but not if he wanted his arm back afterward. Anyway, the griffin lunged toward him, crossing the distance in about two bounds. Qubit managed to duck out of the way of its talons, but only barely, prompting some gasps from the spectators.
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[personal profile] orions_shadow 2015-08-31 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
A shout from a spectator in the back, and a sudden yelp of surprise. Another cried out something about 'another one!' before a black shape on all fours dashed past Max and towards Qubit and the Griffin with a snarl. He leapt onto it, claws reaching to grip the griffin around the neck and try to clamp his jaws down at the base of the beast's neck.

Almost immediately, the Griffon swings it's head up and back, trying to throw the small lion away. The lion, who by the way only got a mouth full of feathers, gripped for dear life as a game of mythical rodeo begins to unfold.
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[personal profile] crapbearer 2015-09-04 08:17 pm (UTC)(link)
First thing Max noticed? Black lion coming his way. Second thing he noticed? Lion is totally fighting on their side, and Max is not gonna let that go to waste.

Third thing he notices is he recognizes that lion, which makes it all the more important to even out the odds. It was three on one, but when one counted as like five...

Against his better judgement (had he, you know, stopped to think about what he was doing) Max dashed right up to the fray, snapping his fingers and whistling. "Hey, hey buddy! Hey... hey. Look at you, great big... king of beasts, huh? Looking good there. Come on, eyes on me."

The Griffin's head turned, but he still seemed very preoccupied with the lion at his neck. Max quickly ran through his options in his mind -- the Griffin was supposed to be somewhat intelligent, but who knows if this one followed those rules? Was there a way to keep his attention -- or even his respect?

"Hey, hey, uh... your honorable... bird. You see this?" His hand goes to the brim of his hat, tipping it just so. Back home, the Cap gave him some semblance of authority among the supernatural -- here, he wasn't sure if it even looked good, much less mighty, but it was worth a shot. "You know what this is, right? Come on, you're smart. You know who I am. You don't wanna hurt me, right? Let's talk, mano-a-lion-o. Legend to legend."

As he speaks, he's backing away, and the Griffin does not look ready for pleasant conversation as its attention is divided three ways.
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-05 03:28 am (UTC)(link)
Wha- was that a panther wearing clothes? No, you know what, he'll take it. Qubit took the opportunity to get the hell out of the griffin's way, dashing over to join Max instead - where "joining" meant grabbing him by the shoulder and yanking him aside, trying to interpose himself between monster and child. "You know, I don't get the feeling it's remotely interested in your Little League exploits," he said sharply, not bothering to tone down his irritation. "Now go home. Let the grown-ups handle this."

The griffin was mainly occupied with its unwelcome rider for the moment, thrashing violently about in its attempts to dislodge him. But hey, now its attention only had to split two ways...
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[personal profile] orions_shadow 2015-09-06 01:14 am (UTC)(link)
Yes the panther wore clothes. Doesn't really matter considering he's trying to tear a chunk out of the damned beast. He had another motive, actually. In that he'd really quite enjoy plucking a few of those tail feathers for himself.

However, he's bucked off finally, swinging off to the side, and grabbing onto a street light to stop himself from being thrown into a wall or some such. He took note of Qubit's presumptuous statement to Max and snarled, but his attention was just as quickly drawn back to his quarry. Teeth grit, he dove down into the darkness and popped up right under a car next to the Griffin. He'd leap back onto him, and went for the eyes to blind him with his claws.
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[personal profile] crapbearer 2015-09-06 03:00 am (UTC)(link)
Max yelped when Qubit yanked him away, shooting him a weak smile. "Heh... not much of a sports fan, I take it?" With a twist of his torso he freed his shoulder, ready to make another quip, when the panther was finally bucked off its ride.

"Shadow!" Max called to his friend, but he had disappeared into the darkness before he could gauge the panther's wounds. Max bit his lip nervously, unsure if he should get closer to see if he could find and check on him -- or, he noted, if Qubit would even let him.

He glanced up and down the street when something caught his attention. Hey, speaking of Little League...

"You're right. I'll just... duck into one of these stores for cover and stay out of the way." He smiled sweetly at Qubit before dashing down the street and slipping into one of the shops -- which was, incidentally, a Sporting Goods store.

It didn't take long for Max to find what he was looking for -- though it seemed like forever, knowing there were people out there who might get hurt. He weighed the bat in his hands, wincing as he looked at the price. "And it's only fifteen dollars," he muttered. "Well, surefire, it's mine."

He grabbed one or two other supplies, slamming some money on the counter (which was unsurprisingly unmanned, considering the chaos going on outside.) "Keep the change," he called to the security camera with a salute, ducking by the shop window and watching the griffin battle where Qubit and Shadow couldn't be distracted by him... at least not until he made his move.
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[personal profile] superposition 2015-09-08 12:24 am (UTC)(link)
Qubit kept half an eye on Max as he dashed off, then turned his attention back to the griffin. He had no such qualms about Shadow's participation - the cat was clearly a fighter, knew how to use his powers (he'd just jumped through the shadows there, right? a little on the nose), and his age was kind of ambiguous when he hadn't stopped moving since he arrived, so. Anyway, the monster backed up from Shadow's new onslaught, but not quite quickly enough. It let out an ear-splitting screech as claws raked across its face, though from this angle Qubit couldn't tell for sure if he'd actually hit its eye or not.

His mind raced through ideas as if in parallel, discarding a few before they left the gate. (Trap it in a force field? But with Shadow all up in its personal space, he'd be trapped along with it.) (Taser? Maybe, if the barbs could make it through all the feathers.) (Plasma rifle? One shot, right between the eyes - no. Excessive.) The important thing right this second, though, was to stop it from taking off. Without a flier on hand, it'd have the advantage if it got airborne, which it looked as if it was trying to do.

"You! Grab one of those wings, we have to keep it on the ground!" he called out to Shadow. Granted, he had no actual idea to what extent the guy would be able or willing to take orders, but it was worth a try.

Meanwhile, Qubit reached out with his power to a nearby transformer box, and an assortment of its parts wrenched themselves free to reassemble in his hand (not without some noise from the peanut gallery about the lightshow, of course). A couple of seconds, and he had a weapon - about the size of a sawed-off shotgun, but blockier and more futuristic-looking. A railgun was about the closest thing to a conventional firearm he could actually make with his powers, and although this one was fairly low-powered, lethality wasn't the name of the game anyway.

He raised the gun to his shoulder to line up his shot. That the griffin presented a moving target wasn't so much a problem, given its size, but with the way the wings were thrashing he'd need careful aim to disable them.
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[personal profile] orions_shadow 2015-09-08 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
The claws had missed the eye, but the blood from the wound still obscured the Griffin's vision. The attack only served to make it even more angry, and aggressively trying to pluck Shadow off his back. Instead, Shadow retreated to the base of the neck to where he could easily dodge.

Shadow was absolutely on the nose, but also the most accurate and best name an 11 year old [at the time] could come up with. Even if people abused the word in their call names back home. Far as superhero names go, if you had the word 'shadow' in it, you were a statistic.

Then Qubit directed that demand at him, he looked up, clutching the thrashing neck with all of his strength as he was once again subject to such a jerky motion. A talon came up, slashing him in the shoulder and he released his grip someone, but only dropped back towards the wings. The beast reared up to throw him off in earnest.

"Grrr! You can't get rid of me that easily!" He cries, opting to take the order and attack one of the wings. He climbs and grabs on at the base, trying to latch his jaws around the bone near the shoulder so he could tear some feathers out.