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Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen

WHO: Tony Stark and YOU
WHERE: Starktech, De Chima, VA
WHEN: August 13th, anytime during the day
WHAT: JOB FAIR + a day in the usual Starktech scene
WARNINGS: Will edit if necessary

[ Days at StarkTech were long -- most people worked hours beyond the average eight, but in the faces of the employees -- even the native citizens -- showed one thing: that it wasn't forced, but they were often on the edge of a breakthrough, something new to discover, something new and greater. The next great thing. Today, August thirteenth, was a day with more bustle than usual. The lobby, which was normally pristine, with only a few plants, couches, receptionist, and a small table with refreshments had all been moved aside -- instead there was still only the receptionist desk, but every wall -- or in the case of the all-glass facade -- was lined with tables, displays, projects, and everything else one could imagine. Practice, a test run for the weekend, but also because there had been an advert in the paper this week -- something on the news -- and on all the hiring websites -- as well a a few projections and screens around the city of De Chima all announcing the same thing: Job Fair. Everyone welcome.

It was implied, of course, where Starktech was involved, that one had to have the skills to participate, but the merely curious got weeded out pretty quickly, and then ignored. The large table -- displaying pizzas and sodas, and there was even a place to drop off information, resumes, and talk about potential projects with the owner, if one wanted to wait for him to swing back around. There were tours through some of the upper levels -- but none of the levels with R&D, primarily underground for a reason, although the first basement was open for tours -- nonsensitive projects allowed on that one. To give some a taste of the sorts of projects involved in the company.

And Tony Stark circled around and around, taking the entire day to smile and offer his ear, and do the required networking and show himself off as the owner of the company, but also to interact.

And he also stopped by with his employees, pulled them aside to check in on them when necessary -- just to stop and make sure that the Thursday away from their projects was appreciated, and also relaxing.

Every now and then, paying your employees to take a day to network and enjoy themselves paid off, in his experience.

[ Prospective employees and current employees welcome! You don't necessarily need to participate in the open house, but feel free to play around in the thread, if you want to interact with one another! ]
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[Although the job fair made a convenient excuse, Qubit didn't come to Starktech looking for a job; he came looking for Stark. He's been here less than two weeks, and already he's heard the man's name dropped repeatedly and in several different contexts. Owner of a highly recommended R&D firm, allegedly a teriffic boss, and a veteran of Lachesis' world (which he'd taken to calling Earth-α). But according to Kate Bishop, he had a bad reputation despite all that. She hadn't gone into any more detail, and it could be she was wrong, but he got the impression she knew him particularly well...

Basically, Stark had caught his interest on several levels, and with the announcement of the job fair he'd decided he may as well drop in and find out for himself what all the buzz is about.

Granted, he's not in so much of a hurry that he can't wander a bit and have a look at the displays, ask questions, and so on, so he's doing that along the way. The level of tech they're working with is seriously impressive - not necessarily as compared to his own, of course, but impressive, he'll give it that.]
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[ Owen's also been walking around, looking at the job fair as well as looking for Stark. Still, Qubit was someone he didn't recognize so Owen made his way over to the other man, giving him a nod. ]

Your thoughts on all of this so far?
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[Y halo thar new person. Qubit nods back.]

Truthfully, it's a bit more advanced than I was expecting. Do you work here?
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I don't. I simply came to look around, [ said with a small nod. ]

You're right about the advancement, though. And, I have a feeling some of these technology techniques were brought over from other imPort's worlds and not Mr. Stark's. It's a patchwork quilt, of sorts.
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Doesn't surprise me. It sounds as if he's got quite a varied cadre working here.

I don't think I caught your name?
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Owen Burnett, [ said with a small smile as he offered his hand to shake. ] Pleasure to meet you, Mr...?
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Qubit. Pleasure's all mine.

[He shakes his hand, firm and professional but brief. The thought crosses his mind that he's probably endured more handshakes in the past two weeks than in the two years before them.]
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[Qubit was leaning over one of the demos, examining it intently, when Stark approached him. It was a little unexpected; he'd come in fully expecting to have to compete for his time, as you generally did with corporate types. But hey, he'd take it. He straightened up, smiling pleasantly and resting one hand behind his back.]

Well, I wouldn't have gone to the trouble of showing up if I thought this kind of thing was boring.

[He shook Stark's hand - a practiced handshake, appropriately firm, but just barely long enough not to be impolite. As always, it felt like burning (to himself, anyway, not to anyone else), but he showed little to no sign of discomfort. The sensation would linger for a few minutes, and it was annoying, certainly, but as the saying went, "The trick is not minding that it hurts."]

Qubit. Not much in particular, I just saw the ads and thought I'd drop by for a look. You know, you're sort of a household name around here, Mr. Stark.

[Only a slight exaggeration, and he's pretty sure Stark knows. It's meant as an invitation to talk about himself.]
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[Eh, close enough, right? To be fair, imPorts are the only people he's really had a chance to talk to at length. For a second here he looked mildly perplexed; he was absolutely sure he'd said his name. But it was short, so it must have gotten buried in the rest of his words.]

Ah - it's Qubit. With a Q. [You know, like the quantum computing term.]
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[Qubit gives an amused half-snort. He's used to it; seems you're not truly a superhero until people start taking potshots at your name. (Although for the record, his name is great, okay.)]

Quite all right. I do, in a sense. Though primarily, I'm more in the "trying to save the world" business.

[Don't ask his world how that's going for them. Just don't.]
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True. I wish there was a better term for it, but you're right.

[In large part, the founding philosophy of the Paradigm had been to remember that they were no better than anyone else, that the power they wielded meant only that they had to be held to higher standards. Calling themselves "superhuman" or "metahuman" or even "heroes" would have implied otherwise, so they'd avoided it. Words had power.

A financial profit, no. God, no. Even if turning a profit from their work would have been remotely conscionable, there was no way they could have pulled it off. Inferno had been the businessman, the eccentric billionaire who came up with most of the team's funding. He'd also been one of the first to die.

Figuratively speaking, though... Qubit draws a breath through his teeth, lets it out slowly. It would be difficult to put into words exactly how little he wants to talk about that right now. Not while the wounds are still raw.]

... Could be better, but we're working on it.

[Hey, you know what this conversation needs? A change of subject. He came here to ask questions, not to answer them.]

I should probably point out - full disclosure - I'm not looking for a job at the moment. I've already got a number of projects ongoing, and at this point I'm mainly exploring support options.
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[Qubit grasps his lapels, raising an amused eyebrow. Way to jump to conclusions there, pal.]

You misunderstand, Mr. Stark, it's not a competition thing. [He is going to be working out of a Starrware lab, true, but it's not like he's an employee there or anything.] It's about resources. Frankly, I'm more interested in what Starktech can do for me than against me.
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[And you know you've been away too long when you start missing Reed. In Qubit's case, he's simply not used to other geniuses - back home, the only person who could truly match his pace intellectually was a psychopathic supervillain. Not that he doesn't feel a bit threatened by the idea of not being the smartest in and of itself, but a little wariness would be sort of justifiable, right? ... Right?

Anyway, he gets the impression that Stark's a smart one, but the jury's still out on whether he's more of a Tesla or an Edison. Which comes first, the innovator or the businessman?]

Well, that's what I'm here to find out. I've seen your catalog, but it's obvious you have a lot more going on behind the scenes. [Cybernetic prostheses, robotics, nanotech... and of course, Iron Man and his power armor.]

First of all, what do you know about teleportal technology?
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No, no, no. That's only if you're trying to do move them a particle at a time, which is barking up the wrong tree entirely. A crude answer to an elegant question. Which, by the way, isn't "how do I move this object from A to B," but rather "how do I make A and B mean the same thing?"

[Pardon the excited gesturing, he gets very animated talking about this. This is his passion, his expertise, his life's work. And he is pretty goddamn proud of it.]

I know how to do that. And not just across a lab - I can build a bridge that spans realities. In effect, a new Porter, but one we can control. A way home.
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[Well, Richards and the time travel sound like promising leads. And true, he supposes having another Porter in existence could potentially cause some interference with his wave function, but... if that's the case he can find a workaround. He's done more with less before.]

Difficult, maybe, but not impossible. [Because nothing is impossible in Qubit's mind unless he wants it to be.] Creating the portal itself isn't the issue. That much I have well in hand. What I'm looking at are things like independent power systems, high-grade UPS, et cetera. Something compact, but with enough output that it doesn't have to touch the grid, ideally.

[You know, like whatever you're using to power that armor.]
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[Qubit bristles. That all sounds dangerously close to "it'll never work," which never goes over well with him. His tone takes on a certain terseness.]

Not hard, just time-consuming. [He wants to make that perfectly clear. The project doesn't hinge on Starktech, he's just trying to make it go quicker.] And of course bridging universes is never a snap. But I assure you, unless the fundamental laws of physics are somehow different in this world - which I doubt - it's absolutely doable.
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