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WHO: Qubit and anybody!
WHERE: De Chima #003 and elsewhere
WHEN: First week or so of August
WHAT: A new guy settles in, where by "settles in" I mean "immediately starts making a mess."
WARNINGS: none known!

A. De Chima #003 : Interior (closed to roommates)

The first night, it was all Qubit could do not to collapse the second he came in range of a bed. A "long day" didn't begin to describe it. He ached all over, his head was pounding, and yet... there was no way he could just pass out like this. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw Tony's withered face, sunken eyes glaring up at him - hateful, wretched, for the first time weak. And when he opened them, he heard the echo of Modeus laughing at him in Bette's voice.

By now it was dark out. What with having jumped from evening back into morning, he must have been up for well over 24 hours already. But he couldn't sleep. He knew he wouldn't be able to, not with so much work still to do.

He knew as soon as he walked in that the house they'd sent him to wasn't vacant. But getting to know whoever else was staying here wasn't high on his list of priorities at the moment. If Modeus was around, Qubit would almost definitely be his first target, and he'd rather not make it easy on him. He might be able to rig the house's wiring into a makeshift perimeter alarm, but he'd need a control panel for that at the very least, and ...

... and there was a blender in the kitchen. "Ahh, you'll do nicely."

So, yeah, residents of #003, there's a strange man in your kitchen telekinetically taking apart your nonessential appliances and reassembling them into things that are very much not kitchen appliances. Also, his eyes and hands are glowing bluish-green whilst he does this. Hope you didn't need that crockpot.

B. De Chima Neighborhood (open)

Over the next few days, Qubit was in and out a lot. He'd wasted no time throwing a proverbial armful of irons into the fire - secure the house, look for Modeus, locate the army's Porter, build his own Porter, make a better computer, find a good source of scrap, keep an eye out for anything suspicious ... Realistically, it was probably more projects than he ought to take on at once, but it felt as if a sort of mad restlessness had taken hold of him and wouldn't let go. And occasionally, when he caught a glimpse of his reflection, startled himself with the haggard, half-frenzied look in his own eyes, he wondered if maybe its grip wasn't the only thing holding him together.

But it wasn't as if he could stop. His own Earth needed him. No - strike that, Earth could probably do with a bit less of him. But Kaidan and Gil needed him. He was the closest thing they had to a leader, his embryonic ideas the closest thing they had to a plan. Of course they were more than capable of fending for themselves, but he knew Kaidan, she'd never settle for fending. She'd do everything in her considerable power to help, and more, if she could manage it. Really, she was the least alone out of any of them, but he couldn't help worrying all the same.

He spent a considerable amount of time away from the house, at least in absolute terms, but mainly in spurts of an hour or two throughout the day. In between, there were ample opportunities to catch him porting in and out, and he wasn't really bothering to be surreptitious about it.

His teleportals, not exactly engineered for stealth, glowed bright blue and made a distinctive humming noise whenever they were open. Sometimes Qubit came through with nothing, sometimes with a few scraps of broken technology that he'd toss into the shed, and once or twice he got lucky with an armful. But so far he'd had slim pickings...

C. near any of the Porter cities (open)

... which was why he was surveying junkyards. And scrapyards, and the occasional garbage dump.

Sometimes he'd be scanning the area with a tricorder-sized device he'd whipped up for that purpose the other day; other times, poking around in the midst of it, trying to find something that hadn't already been stripped for copper and such; but more often a combination of the two.

So, if you were the kind of person who liked to hang around junk- and/or scrapyards, there'd be a pretty good chance of running into him there.
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B for the cool kids!

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What normal people, non-imPorts, would call strange, Kon was used to by now, either due to his own world. Or simply because this place offered up some amount of strange shit on its own. So seeing someone in the neighbourhood going around with scraps of junk, it didn't phase him. It was when he was flying back to his own apartment after a quick patrol over an area that had seen activity recently that his attention was drawn to this new man. Mainly because of his method and the way he just looked so determined. Maybe exhausted. It looked the same from the distance he was at.

So naturally Kon got closer. More to check up on him, ask if he wanted any kind of help. You know, the neighbourly kind of stuff you do. Kon dropped to the ground with very little sound as he hadn't been going at any great speed. He offered the man a smile and nodded to the scrap he had on him right there.

"You need any help? Look like you've got enough for some kind of weird sculpture."
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Oops, he probably should have cleared his throat, or said 'hey' before he landed. This could have been avoided, but Kon didn't really think about that. Or that the guy would drop things. So when he said he could help him, Kon went over to the pieces on the ground and picked them up before following him over to the shed.

"Sorry for spooking you. I'm Kon, I live close by and it looked like you could use a hand.

So what's it all for?"
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"Cool, cause I'm bad at pretending to like things. Those sculptures outta metal and stuff are weird."

Yeah, if Kon knew it was a joke, he didn't act like he did. Kon looked at the stuff Qubit had collected with a raised brow. What he saw, he really couldn't work out how the hell someone could make anything out of the junk. He'd been around enough tech people to know you needed better stuff than what this guy had. Maybe some parts that actually...worked. But he wasn't about to go and dash some guys dreams of making something out of this. The idea was great, but Kon had his doubts.

He placed the scrap down on a small heap so that there was less risk of it spilling over.

"So you mean like intruder alarms or some kind of scanner?"
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Sorry for my crapness with taking forever.

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Well hey, you're old so it would probably make sense to like stuff like that. It's okay, Kon won't judge. Much.

He reaches down to pick a part up and looks it over, chucking it up and down as if judging its weight. Then he looks back at Qubit with a curious and confused look about him.

" exactly are you gonna get all of this junk" and he motions around the space, "into some kind of working alarm?"

The whole not dashing dreams process didn't last long at all. He was far too curious to know what this guy thought.
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(Ancient dude. Ancient.)

Kon watched with fascination as Qubit used his power and the way it just seemed to become something else entirely. He looked to Qubit's face as it happened and saw his eyes, looking back at what was now a remote and grinned.]

Holy...that's pretty awesome! [He looked around the shed.] So you can manipulate the kind of things in this shed. That's a neat trick to have.