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Dec. 30th, 2013 04:27 am
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WHO: ( characters involved )
WHERE: ( where it takes place )
WHEN: ( when it takes place )
WHAT: ( a summary of what is happening )
WARNINGS: ( applicable content warnings for adult or disturbing material? )

Cactus War

May. 29th, 2017 01:26 am
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WHO: Tara (Terra) Markov, Tetsuo Shima, You?
WHERE: Downtown Heropa
WHEN: Late May
WHAT: Two dumb teenagers get into a superhero fight.
WARNINGS: Violence; will adjust as necessary!

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WHO: Jon Snow and Kara Danvers
WHERE: Training Facility
WHEN: 5/28
WHAT: Sparring

Jon twirled his tourney sword, stumbling backwards from Kara's hit. She was stronger than he was used to, something that had caught him off guard when they first began sparring together. It started as a bit of fun, but in training with Kara, he found that he had started to relax his guard and move through the motions. He needed practice and continued training. No matter what Ramsay Bolton had said, he knew there was no such thing as a great swordsman. Someone better would always come along, but he didn't want to bring anything less than his best when that came.

After their first few sessions seemed to end with a pile of broken tourney swords, he shifted his tactics, choosing instead to practice his defense and countering. While he still ended up with a broken sword on occasion, it wasn't something that was going to take all of his money. Her abilities were extreme, but enough that it required him to think, not just attack.

With her latest hit, he didn't doubt he'd be going home with bruises. It didn't worry him. If he was injured badly, Lucy could heal him and he'd just return here again the next day. "Again?" He asked, brushing a curl from his eyes. The strands of his hair were sticking to his brow, damp with sweat. "You are going easier on me than usual."
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WHO: Grievous and those in Constellation requiring training
WHERE: A secret location
WHEN: Over this week
WHAT: Grievous training the recruits in various weaponry
WARNINGS: Possible violence

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May. 25th, 2017 09:20 pm
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WHO: Tara Markov & Robb Stark
WHERE: The Icecream Parlour (Hungry Like The Wolf)
WHEN: Somewhere late in the evening, when it is closed
WHAT: Sneaking in, eating too much ice cream

Robb has to admit to himself that this is extremely exciting. It is also very wrong and his father would frown upon him for sure, but he can't help it to grin and to act on the adrenaline that rushes through his veins.

Because he's going to crawl through the small window of the ice cream parlour, sneak in and eat ice cream.

"We have to be completely silent. I do not want them to take us unawares." Before he moves to lift one of the garbage bins he gives Tara a very dead-serious look. "And my father should not ever know of this."
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WHO: Jyn Erso & Cassian Andor
WHERE: Somewhere in the woods, probably in De Chima
WHEN: Following Kay's big ol' WHOOPS in revealing a lot of information.
WHAT: Jyn is having a little bit of a breakdown and wondering if she should just get tf out to protect everyone around her.
WARNINGS: None yet, but safe to anticipate depressing af things.

First, the message had come from Kay.

Jyn. I need to speak with you in person. It's serious.

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WHO: Apollo, Nike, and NPC metahumans
WHERE: Mauritia Falls
WHEN: 5/24-6/30
WHAT: Apollo and Nike team up to do their part for the Metahuman Outreach.

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WHO: Crane and Duo.
WHERE: Wayne Enterprises. De Chima.
WHEN: 23rd May. Morning.
WHAT: Reformed supervillain, huh?
WARNINGS: None anticipated; will edit in.

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WHO: Jyn Erso & K2SO
WHERE: Park in De Chima near Jyn's job
WHEN: Uhhhh .. May 22? Sure, let's go with that.
WHAT: Kay kriffed up and gave Jyn's name to one Imperial Officer, who connected the dots and realized she was related to Galen Erso, AKA HEAD SCIENTIST/RESEARCHER OF THE KRIFFING DEATH STAR.
WARNINGS: Lots of cursing on Jyn's part, probably.

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WHO: in order of appearance: Cassian Andor, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, Jyn Erso, K-2SO, Veronica Sawyer, Revan, Anakin Skywalker
WHERE: HOPE, De Chima #3, Revan's shop, somewhere between
WHEN: various (whenever's best for you?)
WHAT: All the stuff—work developments and CR developments and thematic schtick and usual R1 "why can't the universe be simpler" stuff…? Making a megalog instead of many indie ones to avoid commspam.
WARNINGS: (both in thread #2) the further adventures of Smutly O'Smuttington; then (ironically, but not unrelatedly) unintentional sex-shaming

0. Prelude…

Cassian has tabulated all the data he's so far received of their own galaxy's history. From every representative currently here, willing to talk to him, or not but having already contributed intel over open channels. He's written it up in such a way that will minimize ability to identify his sources. Patterns can be assessed, of course, but there's no delineation drawn between the primary source/anecdotal and what's recounted from later. (Only in Cassian's mind and Kaytoo's circuits to try and track… objectivity. If there can ever be such a thing in politics and history.

My work is not necessarily to identify objective truths. My work is to identify what enough people believe to be true. What we believe drives our choices and perceptions, which in turn form much of the reality around us. I need to understand these things so I can work with them toward what I hope might be higher truths.
…Again… in the absence of Draven, who knew who Cassian would actually try to emulate… but it was because understanding war as intimately as he did meant knowing how extreme the costs of avoiding it had to become in order to be less than the costs of embarking on it. But as long as that balance made one choice clear over the other, he would emulate Mon Mothma. And try everything else first.

Perhaps amassing this history is an act with that goal. Geared to those who seemed inclined toward war not in reaction to reality but in their own imagined reality, and/or for its own sake.

They'd tried to throw the futility of the Rebellion in Cassian's face.

The history might show the futility of all power-mongering.

So have an outline of their history. The Old Republic. The Separatist movement. The Clone Wars and how they ended. The rise of Empire. The rumblings of resistance. The onset of Galactic Civil War. The Rebellion's first major victory. …But how several decades later, either the Empire still exists or a new iteration arises. He knows the least about the last… and wants to find out…

It's obviously a work in progress. He would normally never submit anything other than a fully detailed and finished report to his superiors. …But this is not to (official, committed, allied) superiors. It's… something. Voluntary and…

It's an opening.

But Cassian hesitates. A player recognizes a player. And he knows he's particularly vulnerable to Count Dooku. …Unless he's particularly forewarned…?

He waits.

1. Heropa Organization for imPort Education [Kotetsu]

2. De Chima #003: housemates' morning after fallout [Jyn, Kay, Veronica]

3. De Chima #003: fallout-fallout [Kay, Veronica]

4. Maurtia Falls: droidcraft workshop [Revan]

5. Heropa or De Chima, a darkened street [Anakin]

6. …Conclusion [set up for June logging]

It decides him. Cassian sends two messages: one to General Grievous, and one to Count Dooku.
ready to present preliminary report
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WHO: Doreen, Midnighter, Daryl Dixon, and Leonard Snart
WHERE: Around Heropa!
WHEN: Last couple weeks of May
WHAT: Ice cream adventures, park hangouts, and SQUIRREL JUSTICE
WARNINGS: Possible violence, also possible ice cream headaches. Starters in the comments!
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WHO: Yuri Plisetsky, Tara Markov
WHERE: WHEREVER THEY WANT on the way between Heropa and Disney World
WHEN: Mid-May
WHAT: BEING BAD REBEL CHILDREN but also making sure skate dads know they aren't dead
WARNINGS: Rebellious children hating the government, possibly underage smoking

[It's late one evening when Yurio sneaks carefully out the window of his bedroom with a tightly packed backpack slung haphazardly over one shoulder. There's a note left pinned to his pillow—

Gone out with Tara. BBL. Will text updates.

He spares it one last glance to make sure it hasn't fallen out of sight and, satisfied that it will stay put, slides the window closed as quietly as he can. He circles around to the front of the house to lean against the mailbox while he waits for Tara to show, opening his phone to double-check that he's gotten the meeting time right. Honestly, he was a little early, but it had gotten so boring just laying in bed and waiting. At least out here he could stand up and pace a little to keep himself awake until she got there.]
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WHO: Kaidan Alenko and YOU
WHERE: Heropa!
WHEN: Week of 5/21-5/26
WHAT: An excuse for my very favorite thing in the whole world: manpain.
WARNINGS: Will edit if needed!

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WHO: Duo Maxwell, Gemini, John Watson, and maybe YOU??
WHERE: Respectively; De Chima, Heropa, Maurtia Falls
WHEN: Past week into this weekend!
WHAT: Catch-all for his CR in the past week! Being a terrible teacher, a better detective, and a much better spy.
WARNINGS: Probably a bit of language at most, will edit if needed!

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WHO: Han Solo and Sarissa Theron
WHERE: some café in Nonah
WHEN: idk idk uhh. near the end of May??
WHAT: Han runs into someone who might've kind of sort of messed with his head during the dream plot. Sarissa runs into someone she might've kind of sort of traumatized during the dream plot. whoops.
WARNINGS: imagined death and non-consensual messing around with someone's head.

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WHO: Gemini, Sherlock Holmes & John Watson.
WHERE: A Maurtia Falls Hotel
WHEN: May 16th
WHAT: Certain people have been asking too many questions about the death of Sally Cunliffe. Gemini goes right to the source to try and nip it in the bud.
WARNINGS: Graphic murder description, some violence, possible bad language and some very unpleasant kissing.
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WHO: Ned Stark, Catelyn Stark, Jon Snow, Robb Stark, Sansa Stark, and the plus one direwolves
WHERE: Jon's Tardis of a Farmhouse
WHAT: Just a family get together....with a twist!
WARNINGS: none that I know of, but it's Game of Thrones, so who knows what might happen

It had been longer than any of them likely wished to think of since they had all been gathered together. And though the children had no way of knowing, the parents had been plotting, and it was not only just a dinner. It was nothing like dining at Winterfell had been, and some of the food was a little strange to them. Still, Sansa's lemon cakes had made an appearance, and it all smelled good. All that remained was for everyone to crowd around the table, and dig in. Except...

Catelyn turned to Ned. "Isn't there something you wished to say first?"

Posting order as in the who above, unless ya'll would like changes? And anyone who'd like to swing by, current CR or just passing through, is welcome, but it might get crowded!
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WHO: Mr. Gold, Doc Brown
WHERE: The beach, Heropa.
WHEN: Not long after Doc finished his first semester teaching.
WHAT: A visit to the beach. Also the unveiling of Doc's new car.
WARNINGS: None, really. Will update as needed.

Mr. Gold was wearing short sleeves. Surely, this was a sign of the end times. He wasn't accustomed to going about with his arms bare, even before he was Mr. Gold, and yet here he was, standing before a mirror wearing absolutely no black at all, a pair of white linen trousers and button-up shirt that left the majority his arms scandalously bare and honestly still hinted at his bare skin underneath -- far more than comfortable for a man accustomed to leaving his home with no fewer than three layers between himself and the open air. And the sandals.

Sandals, for godssakes.

All the while he wondered when he lost control of his life.

He fumbled for his sunglasses and grabbed a few more things from the kitchen before adjourning back to the shop downstairs, where he had most everything ready to go for the trip. To start, a beach umbrella and blanket and other related sundries that would prevent him from touching his now woefully under-insulated ass to sunscorched sand. Along with that, he tucked away a couple books and had now fully stocked a picnic basket.

For someone going along more for the company than the location, he looked like he'd overpacked.

Gold heard Emmett pull up and found himself shifting bits of the pile into different positions, like he could make it look more organized than it already was. His companion had told him he was coming with the new car -- something he had heard of in previous weeks but seen nothing of, and since Emmett wanted it to be a surprise, he'd been patient about giving him his secrets.
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WHO: Jack, The Man in Black, Rincewind
WHERE: Maurtia Falls Psychiatric Hospital for Abnormal Conditions
WHAT: Making a mess after hours.
WARNINGS: Pending!

starters belooooow
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WHO: Abigail Hobbs and Yusuke Kitagawa
WHERE: Heropa #30.
WHEN: Approximately half and hour after their video chat.
WHAT: Power sharing.
WARNINGS: None at this time. Will update if needed.

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May. 18th, 2017 06:13 pm
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WHO: Inanna and YOU
WHERE: Around Maurtia Falls
WHEN: The latter half of May
WHAT: Open log!
WARNINGS: Potential for discussions of depression, violence, death, emotional abuse

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