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Dec. 30th, 2013 04:27 am
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WHO: ( characters involved )
WHERE: ( where it takes place )
WHEN: ( when it takes place )
WHAT: ( a summary of what is happening )
WARNINGS: ( applicable content warnings for adult or disturbing material? )

( OPEN )

Sep. 22nd, 2017 04:02 pm
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WHO: Nike Lemercier and OPEN!
WHERE: De Chima
WHEN: All of September (backdated due to RL issues, sorry).
WHAT: Final clean up of Nike's property from the vandalism last month and flowers festival activities.

a clean place is a lawsuit-free place )

the earth laughs in flowers )

wildcard option )
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WHO: Bela and you!
WHERE: Nonah and Maurtia Falls
WHEN: Mid to end September
WHAT: Two closed prompts and one open
WARNINGS: None at the moment. But will update

Note: If anyone wants another prompt let me know and we can do a thing!

“Let them eat cake,” she says, just like Marie Antoinette )
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WHAT: K-2 does some robot things, some non-robot things, some good things, some bad things.
WARNINGS: Well, there's a MoM-equivalent playboy magazine in one of the prompts, so vague mentions of nudity. Will update if it gets ............worse.

[Open prompts will be listed in the body here, closed prompts listed as individual comments below!]

They all involve stores for some reason )

[OOC: And if you have any prompt ideas or what to thread something, PM me and we can work something out!]
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WHO: Mick Rory & You ??
WHERE: Around !
WHEN:Second half of September
WHAT: A couple of open prompts & probably some starters COME TAG HIM
WARNINGS: will edit if necessary

lookin' for some hot stuff baby this evenin' I need some hot stuff baby tonight )
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WHO: Margaret the Eevee and you!
WHERE: Nonah + De Chima
WHEN: Late September
WHAT: Various daily activities
And the sky is grey~ )
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WHO: Clara Oswald and OPEN
WHERE: Various cities
WHEN: Throughout September
WHAT: Monthly catch-all
WARNINGS: See heads for specific warnings

(( ooc: if you'd like a specific starter, send me a shout at [plurk.com profile] gizmatico))
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WHO: Manabu, open
WHERE: Maurtia Falls police station
WHEN: Sept 13-19
WHAT: There is lots of time to kill in jail (see what happens when u take the time to kill and wind up in jail???)
WARNINGS: ? non?

lonely anxious and bored chirping )
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WHO: Akira Kurusu and Various!
WHERE: All over, mostly Heropa and Nonah
WHEN: Throughout September
WHAT: Catch-All
WARNINGS: Teens getting into some not-quite-legal trouble! Mostly of the theivery and smuggling variety, others TBA

We'll turn your life around )
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WHO: Wanda Maximoff & you!
WHERE: Various locations in various cities.
WHEN: Various dates; most a bit forward dated (this log is for any period of time between September 16th to September 30th).
WHAT: Wanda tried to tone down her own positive emotions. It worked too well and she accidentally 100% shut down all of her positive emotions, so in addition she also won't be feeling regret for any actions she takes, she'll be carefree in a disastrous way, she'll be quicker to snap, so on and so forth -- you get the idea. She's now more of a walking disaster than ever. (This will last for somewhere along the lines of the next six-ish weeks, when she will be sorted back out.)
WARNINGS: 'Wanda being uncharacteristically unpleasant' is a given considering her current mental state. That said, when/if anything super trigger-y comes up, I will make note of such in the appropriate subject line.

As my last chance to feel human begins to vaporize. Maybe it's the heat in here, maybe it's the pressure; you ought to head for the exits -- the sooner the better. )
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WHO: Blue's Pokémon (+ maybe Blue) + YOU
WHERE: All over the Porter cities!
WHEN: Throughout early-mid September
WHAT: Blue's Pokémon out on the town, getting into their own adventures
WARNINGS: none expected!

Arcanine - Fetch )

Pidgeot - Thief! )

Exeggutor - Berry Master )

[ooc; Blue himself may or may not show up in these prompts but just in case, please make sure you've filled out his permissions form if you tag in! Thanks! (And if you specifically want him to show up, lmk!)]
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WHO: Red + Blue + perhaps u?
WHERE: A zoo somewhere in De Chima (probably?)
WHEN: 09/16
WHAT: Red and Blue go on a date to the zoo
WARNINGS: Cute pure boys having a good time at the zoo (will add as needed? I dare y'all to find a way to ruin this)

With the sun shining down over me and you )

((Ooc: If you're interested in having your character bump into these boys at the zoo, just hit me ([plurk.com profile] pantheraliam) or Kit ([plurk.com profile] kitsoru) up and we'll throw up a starter for you.
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WHERE: De Chima Gallery of Technical Arts.
WHEN: September 15.
WHAT: Registration in motion! Come sign your life away in this three-tiered event that celebrates women, imPort and native both, that ends in the way it must: a party.
WARNINGS: Let me know if anything needs it!

Welcome to the September Swear In, organised by Daenerys Targaryen with permission by the United States government. Category is: female empowerment, celebrating the power, intellect, and beauty of imPort and native women alike! There is something for everyone, including Registration to the government that kidnapped you, so don't be shy.

what have you been doing all summer? )
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WHO: Jesse Pinkman and Jessica Jones
WHERE: An awful dive bar in Maurtia Falls
WHEN: [Insert vague time in September]
WHAT: Two old "friends" meet up
WARNINGS: None yet, other than Jessica's potty mouth. Will update if necessary.

and I felt scared )
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WHO: Jesse Pinkman and ????
WHERE: All around!
WHEN: September
WHAT: Intro catch-all!
WARNINGS: Jesse Pinkman, alcohol, some minor gore.

NOTES: These are all open starters, but I'm very open to putting up a specific starter for anyone who may have had cr with the previous Jesse (or anyone who just wants a specific starter in general). Please feel free shoot me a PM if you want to discuss anything!

Diners & greasy spoons - various locations )
Convenience stores and parking lots - various locations )
Park at night - Maurtia Falls )

[ open ]

Sep. 14th, 2017 11:42 am
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WHO: Viktor + YOU
WHERE: Mostly Heropa but can be other places
WHEN: Throughout the month
WHAT: September Catch-all
WARNINGS: None atm, will update if necessary

prompts galore )
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WHO: Lando Calrissian ([personal profile] bespin) & Alex Fierro ([personal profile] garotted)
WHERE: Nonah, at a cafe called Don't Be Latte
WHEN: sometime after their network conversation
WHAT: an informal job interview
WARNINGS: n/a, will edit as necessary

say my place at nine )
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WHO: THE JUSTICE LEAGUE, and approved plus-ones
WHAT: TEAM MIXER, and poor life choices
WARNINGS: None yet but who knows.

i'm sorry that's the only party song i know )
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WHO: Archangel veterans and other participants!
WHERE: Former site of the Angel's Rest base (previously 'Devil's Nest' bar) in Maurtia Falls
WHEN: Midnight September 12
WHAT: Ambush!
WARNINGS: Violence and NPC death. The first two prompts are open only to the five Archangel vets, the next two are open to all

What's done in the dark will be brought to the light )
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WHO: otabek altin and various
WHERE: heropa, cape canaveral, your house
WHEN: 9/12 through 9/14
WHAT: he finally gets some help with his powers
WARNINGS: injury from abilities and training; will update as needed

..a man can be destroyed but not defeated. )
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WHO: Luci, a bunch of rule-breaking and raucous young people, and you!
WHERE: Church of the Morningstar, Miami
WHEN: Early morning of September 10th
WHAT: Don't call it a comeback.
WARNINGS: Mild violence, probably drug use, maybe sexual content, idek it's one of these crazy god-concerts that happen, who knows.

and we're gonna have a party )


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