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Dec. 30th, 2013 04:27 am
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WHO: ( characters involved )
WHERE: ( where it takes place )
WHEN: ( when it takes place )
WHAT: ( a summary of what is happening )
WARNINGS: ( applicable content warnings for adult or disturbing material? )
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WHO: Piper + Trickster
WHERE: The Frisky Nickel Bar in Heropa
WHEN: 7/18
WHAT: Piper needs a drink.
WARNINGS: Likely discussions of homophobia

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 10:16 am
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WHO: Inanna and anyone
WHERE: Maurtia Falls
WHEN: July 16-22
WHAT: Inanna returns following their untimely death (temporarily sans powers)
WARNINGS: Discussions of murder, death, depression, mental illness, etc

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WHO: Clones and you!
WHERE: Heropa
WHEN: The night of the 18th
WHAT: The clones have gotten bolder, and they're burglarizing shops and homes all around Heropa! Now might be a good time to step in
WARNINGS:Superhero fisticuffs

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WHO: John and CR, people who want CR can come play too!
WHERE: Hospital, John's recovery room.
WHEN: After this
WHAT: Recovering from his injuries and moping a whole heck of a lot. Come wish well, or gloat, or if you're brave, take pity on him.
WARNINGS: Mention of death and blood/gore/injuries, John being depressed.

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WHO: Figure skaters and friends
WHEN: July 21, during the flooding in Heropa
WARNINGS: Yurio saying swears and Viktor's bald spot


[When the strange rash of thunder storms first began to plague Heropa the figure skaters had stocked up on all the basic supplies, fearing a power outage if the weather continued. When the news began warning of flash floods in the area, they sent out some hurried invitations to their friends (and anyone else they're even remotely friendly with, thanks Viktor) and Yurio hurried out to make some last minute reinforcements to the property.

Later, as their guests begin to arrive, the change is immediately obvious. Yurio has erected a thick wall of ice around the property's entire perimeter and lowered the temperature immediately around it to keep it from melting. There's a helpful staircase carved into the ice for people to climb up, and a slide back to the ground on the other side. (Let's be honest, people would have fallen down even without a slide.) It might be a strange sight on the outside, but inside is…

...pretty much the same story. The coffee table in the living room has been dragged to one side and piled with an array of food ranging from cookies and chips to fruits and vegetables on it. There are supplies for PB&J, and an ice chest that Yurio is keeping chilled with a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and ice cream inside. Perfectly reasonable until you
see that Viktor someone has stripped the couch of all its cushions and used them along with chairs and bed linens to construct a messy looking fort in the living room. It's actually so haphazard that it manages to be impressive—just how did anyone get this thing to stay upright?]

Passing the time

[So, fun fact about floods: they have a bad habit of knocking out all the power. Luckily, the skaters planned for that too! Not only are there plenty of flashlights to go around, they've found a bunch of board games to pass the time with. Most of them are missing pieces, sure but that just means it's time to get creative! Or, if board games aren't your thing, there's a portable DVD player and a selection of bargain bin movies that all appear to be cheap knock offs of actually successful films. Enjoy such titles as "Android Cop", "Chop Kick Panda", or "Snakes on a Train."

And, of course, there is always the best option: realizing that there's an animal in the room and you could be petting her. Both Makkachin, the adorable poodle, and Puma Tiger Scorpion (Potya for short), the elegant himalayan, will be more than happy accept praise in the form of ear scratches and telling them how cute they are.]
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WHO: Brendan, Manabu
WHERE: Heropa
WHEN: 7/30, late afternoon
WHAT: gotta sew up some stuff
WARNINGS: ??? sad

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WHO: Doc Brown and Mr. Gold
WHERE: Heropa park + various
WHEN: July 11th
WHAT: Doc has a suggestion about the future. It doesn't quite go as planned.
WARNINGS: Old men being awkward. Nothing of particular note, will update if it changes.

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Jul. 18th, 2017 09:41 pm
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WHO: Raina and Twice.
WHERE: New York City
WHEN: Sometime before/after clone madness.
WHAT: Raina takes Twice out shopping in the fashion district.
WARNINGS: None for now! Will update if needed.

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WHO: Harley Quinn, Leonard Snart, Rincewind
WHERE: Peaches, the best little strip club in Heropa
WHEN: July 1, nighttime when the sinnin' happens
WHAT: Generous friends buy ungrateful wizzard a lap dance
WARNINGS: professional nudity, gyrating

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WHO: Daryl Dixon and open
WHERE: All over
WHEN: Month of July
WHAT: Catch-All! Open prompts up top, specific prompts in the comments
WARNINGS: Zombie mentions, language, more tbd

Any City: The Angel is on the hunt; Any time in July; De Chima only during the zombie plot
Daryl has his hood up, head down. He's walking with his hands tucked into the pockets of a nondescript leather jacket and this late at night, most people chose not to pay attention to him. He looked like almost any guy trying to get by in the night and not be obvious about where he was going or what he was doing. His face just obscured enough by the hood to make identifying him difficult without getting right in his face.

But that doesn't stay the case for long, after he's found his trail. It's not an immediately obvious one. Just him stopping occasionally to glance around and then pull a flower or a weed out of a crack in the sidewalk. At least until the small plants he's oddly interested in are being pulled off of walls. Then he takes a look around and slips into someplace dark enough to hide him as he pulls on his mask and makes sure he's covered from head to foot. Then he's making his way up a fire-escape to a window or along an alleyway to a door. And outside of being quiet, he's not especially trying to hide his actions.

A little while later, should any observers decide not to interfere with his suspicious actions, there's the sound of combat from where he went into - all grunts or cut-off cries of pain or silenced gunfire. Some time after that, when all is quiet again, the man slips out of the building with a child wrapped in his arms and a pair of glowing wings made of orange and blue light that give his position away. But at that point he's not out to protect his position. He's out to protect the kid he's just rescued and fly them off home.

Nonah: Motorcycle Madness; Early in the month
Daryl was pretty well known among his fans by now for preferring a motorcycle to get around on rather than the wings he'd been gifted with by the Porter. So it was little surprise when he showed up at a small Bike show for custom builds. If he saw any obvious imPorts or people he already knew, he gravitated toward them and nodded at the bike they were looking over, "You like that one? Don't think the suspension's too much?"

Wild Card: Nonah, De Chima, Heropa
Daryl is out and about doing normal things in the early half of the month, fighting zombies in De Chima in the second half. He can be found doing basic grocery shopping, checking out nick-knack stores, hanging around parks, and doing everything but eating in public. The closest he comes on that end is having some very mild tea at a couple different shops he liked and attempting to avoid the paparazzi. Largely unsuccessfully.

[[Action or Prose is fine, I'll match your preference. If you want a specific prompt, poke me in PM and I'll put one up for you.]]
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WHO: imPorts.
WHERE: All four Porter Cities.
WHEN: July 15 - 29
WHAT: The clone attacks begin in earnest, and each Porter City dissolves into chaos as they face down what would really happen if but a few imPorts decided to go rogue.
WARNINGS: Content warnings for: suicide (CULTINARY ARTS) & potential deaths via technology, fire & zombies. Let us know if this should be updated! If you have any questions or feedback on how we wrote up your individual event, please let us know HERE.

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WHO: Daisy Johnson and George O'malley
WHERE: De Chima Import Clinic
WHEN: July 15th
WHAT: Daisy got a boo boo.
WARNINGS: Knife injury and blood.

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WHO: Blue Oak and YOU!?
WHERE: Heropa Lake Park, and around De Chima
WHEN: BACKDATED to July 7th+8th, and OPEN after that through the 12th
WHAT: POKEMON BATTLES! NEW HOUSEMATES! And adapting to a world without Pokémon.
WARNINGS: silliness.

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WHO: imPorts who have agreed to go to London as outlined HERE!
WHEN: July 14 - 30
WHAT: The opt-out event for the clonetastrophe! ImPorts are invited to a ceremony in London, and wind up staying just a wee bit longer than expected.
WARNINGS: None anticipated; please let us know if this should be changed!

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WHO: Joseph Kavinsky & John Murphy
WHERE: A swanky hotel in Heropa
WHEN: July 2017, during the Raven Boys' trip to England
WHAT: They're gaying up the log community
WARNINGS: Probably some NSFW for sexual content eventually, but for now, just mental illness, offensive language, etc.

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WHO: Han Solo and you!
WHERE: Heropa.
WHEN: part 1: 11th-12th, part 2: the weekend after the swear-in
WHAT: it's summertime and Han's going stir-crazy, which clearly means it's time to repaint the house eye-searing colors. damn it, Han.
WARNINGS: probably none, unless clone shenanigans happen?

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WHO: Persephone
WHERE: ????????
WHEN: July 12th-15th
WARNINGS: The normal cocktail of Persephone's warnings to be expected (murder, suicide, mental illness, dying teens, etc)

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((OOC: follow up for the Inanna plot for Persephone CR and her Traumatized Teen Nerd squad, but hey the more the merrier. Hit me up at [plurk.com profile] somarysueme or on Discord if you want in or have questions!))
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WHO: Veronica Lodge and You. (OTA)
WHERE: All over the place.
WHEN: Throughout July.
WHAT: Catch-all log.
WARNINGS: Probably mentions of murder and violence. Will edit this when needed!

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WHO: Cella & Theon
WHERE: Heropa
WHEN: Backdated to July 8th!
WHAT: Sailing, lunch and Theon being himself.
WARNINGS: Probably none, but it's Game of Thrones.

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